The perfect Christmas gift for a cheerleader



Here at CFHTT we love Christmas but we know that people struggle to know what to buy for their Cheer friends. we have created a list with all the cheer must have so you can see a smile from ear to ear this Christmas morning.


Cheer bags

Every Cheerleader wants a sparkly cheer bag, they come in so many colours there is a bag for everyone.


THE MUST HAVE BAG OF 2017 is the Nfinity Unicorn Backpack or Unicorn Rebel Dream Bag.


If you want to put a smile on your cheerleader’s face, get them this bag and you can thank us later.


There is also a Nfinity Millennial Backpack but this bag is currently out of stock but keep checking the Excel website because they may restock it before Christmas.



Here’s a list of all the different providers of cheer bags.

  • Living Cheer- Nfinity
  • Cheer Worlds UK- Nfinity
  • Unity Allstars Pro shop- Rebel
  • Excel Cheer -Nfinity
  • Cheer Gear- Nfinity
  • Varsity UK – Varsity


Be sure to check different websites because a lot of these sites carrying the same bags but carry different discount such as free shipping.


Cheer Bows


No matter how many bows you have it will never be enough. Every cheerleader loves a good bow especially the ones that sparkle! The bigger the bow the more  sassy you feel. Many companies also allow you to print lyrics, quotes or a message of their bows so they are perfect for Christmas.

Here are a few brands we love

Primacy Cheer, KL Bows, Holly Bows,  Bows of London and Bow Zone UK


Cheer Shorts

Cheer Shorts are a great gift for a cheerleader because Cheerleaders like to train hard and look good doing so. You must of heard the saying it’s all about the Cheer Bows and Nike pro’s. Nike Pros are generally a favourite of the cheer community, they come in a variety of colours.

If you’re on a budget (or just smart with your money) you can find a vast selection of Nike Pro’s on Sport Direct or Ebay.

There are also other brands that provide cheer short such as Soffe, Nfinity and now you can also purchase Varsity shorts.

Here are some of our favourites Cheer shorts

Nike Pro’s

2017-12-10 20.05.13.png

Below Nfinity , Soffe and Varsity


Cheer Apparel

Cheerleading is all about being a part of a team and representing it. A perfect gift for Christmas would be your teams apparel. Many teams have training bows, sport bras, spirit jersey, bags even pen etc. Get in contact with your coach and see what available.


Cheer Shoes

The holy grail of gifts is cheer shoes. To perform well you need the right equipment and this is true for any sport but especially cheer. Wearing the right cheer shoes can transform your performance.  There are few brands that sell cheer shoes in UK


Nfinity = Excel Cheer

Varsity = Varsity UK

Kaepa = Living Cheer

No Limits= Cheer UP World


What would be your perfect gift for Christmas? Comment below and let us know! Share this with your friends if they are picking cheer Christmas gifts!

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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The Diary of a University Cheerleader




1510085466209.jpg“Here we are, back again with our second edition to show you what the Chester Vixens have been up to over the month of November.”

Cheer All Girl Level one 

All in all, training has been going really well. The stunt groups are strong, the athletes are all picking up the terminology and stunts brilliantly and we’re getting new skills each week. People are really pushing themselves, it’s great! The main issues we are facing is attendance and focus. Many of these athletes have only been cheerleaders for the past two months, and therefore haven’t yet mastered the cheerleading – life balance. We’ve had a lot of absences recently. Some absences are genuine, but others don’t realise that we can see them on Facebook. So when they say they’re too ill to turn up and just watch a session, we can see that they’ve just been tagged in a post on Facebook, having a great time at someone’s birthday celebrations… Absences can be really disheartening as a coach. Why do we spend so much time planning sessions, aiming to be the best team, when the team don’t give us their best? Especially when I too have a degree and a dissertation to complete. It’s really easy to get caught up in the negativity, so a lot of the time I have to take a step back to remember why I do this in the first place. And the people that do turn up to training week in week out, they see the benefits, and they are becoming fantastic cheerleaders!

Here is what Millie, our Vice Club Captain had to say about what she’s been up to recently:

1510085248135.jpgShe said: “One of my main roles as Vice-Captain has been the music. As many of you will know, the right music can make or break the overall vibe of the routine, and as I often point out, if my cheer music doesn’t make me feel like I could lift a car it’s not the one for me! For the past few months I’ve been working hard to source reasonably priced voiceovers and production companies which has not been easy. Saying that however, it has been really fun to dig out some great tunes. I’m excited to get our choreography so I can start piecing it together”


Unfortunately, I train with my All-Star team during Pom’s training session, so I never get a chance to visit their training sessions. However, Millie (Vice Captain) attends them regularly and the Pom Captains post progress videos each week so the girls can go and practise at home. Ellen and India (Pom Captains) have really thought outside the box this year with the routine. It’s looking really good. Here’s what Ellen has to say about her experience so far as

Pom Captain:1510087854854.jpg

“With an aim to have the whole routine choreographed by the Christmas holidays, my role as Pom Captain alongside India has included many hours focusing on formations and inspiration for our routine. We’ve been looking at different dance styles to create a vibrant and visually effective routine for competition, while keeping in with Pom style of Dance.

“Time-management as a committee member is hard. Working 20 hours a week and doing my university work can get very stressful. However, I look forward to Pom sessions and enjoy the choreography. As a committee member I have also helped with fundraising towards our uniforms which are going to be a big pay out this close to Christmas! But it’s worth it! In a few years it will be a great memento of my university cheer days! I love cheer and it makes university easier as having a focus away from studies can be a real help.”

Prep Squad


Over November I’ve been attending more of Prep Squad’s sessions. Whilst Pom and Cheer don’t have its first competition until February, Prep Squad start performing at the end of November. Therefore, training sessions have been very packed in order to be ready to perform at the Men’s Basketball game during half time. Maybe because Prep Squad aren’t my sole responsibility, but I feel a lot less anxious attending Prep Squad’s training sessions. I’m not their first port of call as they have two team Captains, and there’s no pressure with competitions. In the sessions I have attended, I’ve helped clean up the routine and created the stunting and tumbling section of the routine (new to Prep Squad this year). The girls really seem to enjoy themselves and I really hope all their hard work pays off in their first performance. I know Summer and Deena (Prep Squad Captains) are getting a little stressed as performance day is getting closer, but I’ll definitely be there at the fronting shouting the counts and motions on the day.

New Uniforms

Myself and Millie didn’t realise just how time consuming the entire uniform process would be. Cheer have had the same uniforms for the past five years, so we thought it was about time for an update. However, the process to do so was something we could never have imagined. You have to shop around for the best deal, taking into consideration student budgets; you have to agree on a design, which was no easy task; you have to take into consideration every single body shape in order for everyone to feel comfortable; and finally get a sample made and continue making alterations until you are happy. It probably took about six months, but we got there!

Pom just seemed to find a design they liked really quickly, and then liked the first sample they had made. They were easily pleased. Which in this case, is definitely a good thing!

In previous years Prep Squad have worn t-shirts and skirts because they haven’t needed a proper uniform as they don’t compete. However, since we were rebranding Prep Squad this year, we thought it only fair for them to have a new uniform too. Therefore, Prep Squad have adopted Cheer’s previous uniform.

The first task of getting all the uniforms sorted was finally done. Then it came to sizing everyone. It was a tedious task, but didn’t take long. The next task was getting everyone to pay by the deadline. You’d think a team of university students, always writing to deadlines would take a payment deadline in their stride. Oh no. These guys must be the students writing right up to the deadline. It was quite stressful checking the payment list every 10 minutes.

Another uniform change we’ve made in training t-shirts. Usually we get grey hoodies made with our names and “Chester Vixens Cheerleading” on. They’re great. However, with the new look we’re going for, we wanted to add some new training tops instead. That way we’d look uniform for choreography day and when we post videos online. And if nothing else it’s easier to get ready for training as you know exactly what you have to wear.

Uniform Fundraiser

As we all know as cheerleaders, uniforms don’t come cheap. Cheer’s uniforms are the most expensive, closely followed by Pom and then Prep Squad’s are the cheapest. We offered returning members of Cheer the opportunity to sell on their uniforms to Prep Squad. That way they’d be saving money on the new uniform. The second thing we had planned to save money was a fundraising event at a local night club. Each Captain told their team about the event and what the event was for. Since the money was going towards Cheer and Pom’s uniforms, we knew we couldn’t ask Prep Squad to take the time out of their evening to help us, but it would be nice of them to get involved somehow. Out of the 40 members on Pom and Cheer that could have attended, only 13 showed up, including committee. We ended up raising less than half of our target. We were so disappointed in the team. As we didn’t raise much money, there was no way we could have put it towards the uniforms. We have instead put it aside to go towards training facilities in the run up to competitions instead. We did also get a little something for the members that did help out too, to show them that their dedication did not go unnoticed.


24257666_10155930123494122_136205327_nChoreography day came around so fast. We had really pushed the girls in training, practising every Level 1 stunt possible, just in case we were given it. Whilst myself and Millie were nervous, we had complete faith in our athletes for choreography day. The day was held in a different location to our normal training sessions, so we had to turn up at 8am (in the snow) and transport our mats across campus – which was no easy task! It probably took us 30 to 40 minutes to transport the mats and get them set up. As we were warming up, our Choreographer, Lorraine, arrived. Just from seeing us warm up she commented on how strong the team looked.

Choreography day was on my birthday. Since we were there from 8am-6pm, I wasn’t really able to celebrate. However, during our lunch break, Millie came in with this huge cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday. I was so humbled and grateful as it was the last thing I was expecting. It’s the small things like this that really bring a team closer together.


It was a long, hard day. Most of the girls had never cheered before coming to university, and perhaps didn’t realise the pure physical and mental endurance needed. Many people started to lose focus and feel disheartened when their stunts weren’t hitting. Cheerleading is all about resilience, how well you can pick yourself back up and carry on with the next thing, how you can leave that bobble in the past and hit the next stunt. It’s the hard sessions that really bring the team together. So I’m hoping to see a new level of focus at our next training session.

Other events we’ve been involved with

Christmas Light Switch On

24331129_10155930133084122_1027837780_nThe Garden Quarter is a small area around the university, where many students live. It is however highly residential as well. Each year they have a small Christmas Light Switch On Event which sees the local primary school, choirs and orchestras perform. We were lucky enough to be invited to perform as well. Only a handful of our members were able to perform, and due to it being such a small stage, we had to come up with a completely new routine. It only lasted a minute, and probably wasn’t one of our most impressive routines, but the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. All in all, a success! We were really impressed with the girls who performed as well, considering they learnt the routine in just two hours.

Christmas Card

Each year the University puts out a Christmas card which is signed off by our Vice-Chancellor. There is a physical card and then an online animated card too. For the first time this year, a sports club has been asked to be the face of the Christmas Card. We were that sports club! We had to choreograph yet another small routine for the Christmas Card, and perform it numerous times outside in the cold, but it was all worth it! The card is getting sent all over the world so it’s such a privilege to involved.



We’re getting into the thick of it now. Teams are drilling their routines, everyone has become closer and more people are getting involved in our events. We’re finally seeing our hard work begin to pay off. We have some more charity fundraising coming up which we’ll be able to share in our next edition, as well as our in-house showcase and uniform reveals. We’ll also be running full outs of our routines, and will have a better idea of how well we’ll do come competition season.

Thanks again for reading,


Thank you Rachel for giving us an honest reality of uni cheer and showing us what strength it takes to be a university cheerleader.

 We can’t wait for next month edition 🙂 



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IASF Reverses Scoresheet Changes



He guys 

Wow, so much can change and then change back in 72 hours 

On Monday IASF made controversial change to the scoresheet that had major effects on international level 5 and level 6 divisions, here are the changes 



This change made social media go crazy and even a petition was created and signed by 35,000

IASF has reversed nearly all of their original changes to the scoresheet regarding tumbling and tosses.

What has changed

  • The only thing that remains different in levels 5 and 6 is that jumps and standing tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected (i.e. toe, hand, full).
  • In the updated rules, IASF makes it know that for tumbling incomplete twisting skills will carry a 1 point deduction.
  • They have also added that in levels 1-4, individual tumbling passes will not be considered in the scoring process.
  • In the updated rules for tosses, they make it clear that in levels 2-5, any toss that becomes inverted (heels over head) will be impose penalty  4 point deduction per occurrence.

Which we think is important, we have all seen that team that are pushing for skills they know they aren’t ready for but now hopefully people will think about safety aspect before throwing a skill they aren’t ready for.

This is why we love the Cheer community

IASF reversed these rule changes because of  the cheer community came  together and stood up for what they believe in. UK  cheer community have work tirelessly to reach a Elite stand of cheer that everyone inspire to be and we deserve to  be because we are putting the hard work so it shouldn’t be taken away.

What do you think about the IASF now reversing most of the changes , comment below.

Here is the full document for IASF scoring 

Read their document here.\

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Breaking new:International Divisions Score Sheets that has changed everything


Here are the four big changes affecting the International Divisions this year.

Individual Tumbling Passes

Individual tumbling passes (tumbling passes by a single person) will not be considered in the scoring process.


2. Singles vs Doubles

In level 5 and 6, single and double twisting skills carry the same value.


3. Twisting In Basket Tosses

Regardless of level, twisting is not allowed in tosses.


4. Jumps and Standing Tumbling

Jumps and Standing Tumbling will be judged separately, even if connected.will be judged separately, even if connected.

The link below is for the full document

This has sent the cheer community into chaos as most people have choreograph their routine as the UK cheer season does end in July and the first cheer competition starts this weekend!!!

Les Stella has release this statement, Les is one of the leading consulting in the cheer industry has to say.

Here are CFHTT are perplexed and nervous  about the new scoresheet/scoring system that the IASF released, but we are hoping videos will explain the reasoning along with any sort of response from Les  Stella before people go completely nuts. We want people to not lose faith keep working teams and then if it not sorted lets work together to find a solution


How do you guys feel about this issues comment below

Until next

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The Diary of a university cheerleader





My name is Rachel and I’m the Club Captain of the Chester Vixen for 2017-18 season.

Chester Vixen may be 4x Future Cheer National Champions, but we have such a long way before we can even think about that fifth consecutive title. Cheer From Head To Toe has tasked us with writing a monthly blog summarising the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with university cheerleading. We’re going to share how we run a society alongside managing our university workloads, pressures and of course, fighting for that all important five-peat at Future Cheer University Nationals.




Think your All-Star team are a close-knit family? It gets even closer at university. We have of course training and competitions, but also have weekly socials, team bonding days, charity events and fundraising, and getting involved in other campaigns. Running a successful club, linking all of those things can be difficult, so we have a committee of students to run the show. All ten of our committee members were voted in at the end of last season by our members.



Here at Chester we have 3 teams: Pom, All Girl Level 1 (known as “Cheer”) and our side-line team, Prep Squad. Each team is run by two captains. As a university sports club, we have many pressures from our Students Union we need to fulfil. We have a membership target, fundraising target, SU involvement, volunteering etc., all in order to receive the same funding for the following year. Unlike All-Star cheer where try outs are usually around May-July time, we can’t host any try-outs until October. Freshers (first year students) don’t arrive until the end of September. And we can’t host any formal training sessions until then either. Therefore, our committee and returning members have the job of promoting our club to all students during Freshers Week. When you think about the All-Star calendar, September is extremely late to be recruiting. Any committee member from any sport will tell you that Freshers Fair is dog-eat-dog. Every sport and society are fighting for members, so it’s up to us to put on our biggest smiles and friendliest faces to have people sign up. Thankfully, we had over 190 students sign up at Freshers Fair!

Taster Sessions:

FullSizeRender[2]Then came Taster Sessions. The majority of people we recruit have never cheered before, so Taster Sessions give them a snippet of what they’re getting themselves in for. Our Captains were all nervous beforehand, not only nervous to lead the sessions, but whether anyone would turn up, and what talent we’d have.

The first Taster session was Cheer, ran by myself and Millie – what a rollercoaster it was. We had two taster sessions, focusing the Sunday on stunting and tumbling, and the Wednesday focusing on dance and jumps. About 75% of the team from last year have left as they have now graduated – this is the major downfall of university cheerleading, the constant conveyor belt of athletes. That is why it is so difficult for uni teams to be consistent year upon year. So we were really nervous about who was going to turn up for taster sessions. If we’re being honest, the first Taster Session was a bit wobbly. Tumbling abilities were great, but we were stunting in groups with people who had never stunted before, and we struggled to get past gut level. With Future Cheer in 4 months’ time, we were panicking.

The next Taster Session was for Pom, ran by Ellen and India.

They did a Zumba warm up and everyone came out with smiles on their faces. There was so much talent in the room! There are good things coming for Pom this year, I can tell! Similarly, Prep Squad’s Taster Session was a hit! Everyone seemed to enjoy the dance that Summer was teaching and there was a high turnout!

Try Outs:

Next came Try Outs. This year we mixed it up a bit. We had Freshers and returning members try out separately. Myself and Millie decided we wanted to make Try Outs fairer by having everyone show us their jump, tumble, stunt and dance abilities. Previously we’ve only ever jumped and tumbled, or just danced. Knowing this would take more time, we split them up. For both Pom and Cheer, returning members’ Try Outs were really messy (on our part). We didn’t have time to see everything from everyone, and had to rely on competition videos from last season. Thankfully, it was just in front of returning members, so we used that as our practise. Then came our Freshers’ Try Outs, the real deal.

On the night, we had Pom Try Outs first, followed by Cheer. Prep-Squad is a team open to all, and therefore they don’t have Try Outs. Before our allotted time for Try Outs, an outside company use the gymnasium. Knowing they usually get out late, and that we were very time restricted for Try Outs, we were worried about getting in on time. As expected, there was a slight issue with them running over, and their leaders staying in the gymnasium being distracting during our Try Outs. This is one of the many issues we face as a university sports club, a high demand for facilities but not enough space being a relatively small university. We did complain about this company afterwards to our Students Union, and we weren’t the first club to complain either. They have been better since.

Other than that slight blip, both Pom and Cheer’s Try Outs went so swiftly, without a kink. We were really impressed with the turnout and the effort everyone put in.

We’re almost there. After Try Outs we spent three hours and a Papa John’s pizza picking the teams. Pom were slightly quicker. They knew what they wanted from their athletes and had such a high pool of talent to choose from. With Cheer, we drafted individuals to be on the team, and then had to redraft based on stunt groups. We had to move people around, sometimes into their non-preferred positions, but as I said before Try Outs, we are first and foremost cheerleaders, not specific positions. After deciding stunt groups, knowing they’d be strong, we were feeling a lot better than at that first Taster Session! The following day, results emails were sent. It was unfortunate that some people didn’t make Cheer or Pom, even though we wished we could have put everyone on. Something we said in the email is that those who made the team weren’t necessarily the best, but the best fit together. We also invited them to join Prep Squad and I was really glad to see much of those turn up to the session.

Team Bonding:

We chose to dedicate one of the first training sessions as a full team training session. It’s rare that we all train together as we each have so much to do, so it was nice for all three teams to bond and get to know each other. We set everybody up into “Cheer Buddies”. These were basically pairs or groups of threes with a returning member and a Fresher, and had them introduce each other. I hope it allowed people to get talking to someone they may not have previously, and ask any questions they had to someone with more experience. We then had a classic game of Chicken in the Hen House to warm up. Afterwards we got into our 3 teams, got ourselves all tangled up by holding hands and attempted to unravel. Pom ended up giving up as the tensions got too high. Prep Squad had to start again, but eventually made it. Cheer had the biggest group so it got very hot and stressful. But it’s safe to say we were the champions of that game – we only cheated twice! And finally, we had a quick fitness test, so we can see how we improve over the year. All in all, a success!


IMG_2650Another form of team bonding we all enjoy are our socials. Our first social was on a Wednesday night. It was our annual White T-Shirt themed social. It’s a great one for everyone to get to know each other, by writing on each other’s t-shirts with marker pens. We then had a purple themed social and a joint social with Men’s Basketball for Halloween. FullSizeRender[1]Our Socials are organised by Jess and David, our Social Secs. Here’s what Jess had to say about her first month as Social Sec:





“I have enjoyed training and the basketball games so far. I have found organising the socials a little stressful but they have turned out to be good nights, and I’m pleased with how many of the girls come out on the socials. Also helping Summer choreograph the dance for Prep Squad has been fun, and I’m impressed with how quickly the girls have picked up the routine. Balancing all of this with uni has been ok so far.”



Another major part of cheerleading at the University of Chester is charity fundraising. We have a charity Officer, Jodie, who organises all our events. 1510084669715.jpgOur first Charity event was “Milking it For Money”. We all donated £2 to the cause, and danced whilst being squirted with water guns filled with fake milk. If you want to watch us making a fool of ourselves, here’s the


Overall, we raised £57.35 for Chester Without Abuse and Rethink mental health. Jodie has many more charity ideas up her sleeve so keep your eye out. Our next big event is our annual Sponsored Sleep out in aid of Chester Aid to the Homeless. We sleep outside for a night, enduring the cold, experiencing just a fraction of what the homeless do every day. If you’re interested, check out our Facebook page for more information (Chester Vixens).

Behind the Scenes:

I was told by the previous Vice Club Captain, that people treat University Cheer much differently than All-Star Cheer. This has stuck with me as I wasn’t too sure what she meant until we started training. I always knew coaching this demographic would be difficult because the team are my friends, my age, and I’m also on the team. Getting the coach/teammate balance is difficult on both sides. Luckily, all seems to be going well now, and sessions are running smoothly. Myself and Millie were really confident in the team we picked, the stunt groups and the positions we put people in. It’s been really helpful that me and Millie came to these decisions mutually and back each other completely.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that committee members get up to a lot behind the scenes. Whilst many of our members had a well-deserved break over the summer, as Club Captain, my summer was jam packed with running different errands for cheerleading. There was committee training, lots of health and safety forms, updating the Cheerleading section on the SU’s website, contacting local businesses for sponsorship, getting our training times and liaising with other club captains to get a time that suited us, a constant conveyor belt of emails, first aid courses, arranging choreography, creating posters and leaflets for Freshers Fair, Pre-Season training, session planning and uniforms. Now uniforms are a big thing for us this Season. Each team is getting a new uniform, as Cheer have had theirs for 5 years! We’ll talk more about the new uniform process in our next article, once they’ve all been ordered.

We’ve also done a massive rebrand of Prep-Squad, which was previously called “Team”. Here’s what Summer had to say after her first month of Captain of Prep Squad:

1510089251509.jpg“As Prep Squad Captain, we have been trying to rebrand the team, by giving them a new name and a new uniform! This has gone really well and has given the girls more confidence with side-line cheer. During the first month I have choreographed the dance and begun teaching it to Prep Squad. The team have attended their first basketball game and got to know the team. We aim to be performing our routine at the games in December! Most recently we cheered at a Men’s 2nd game where they won their cup game, this was very exciting for the team to experience. We hope to be cheering at many more winning games!”

It Has been quite hard managing the club with my university workload, especially as I’m now doing a Masters degree. Millie has also said that she often finds herself doing more Cheer related things than uni. But as the weeks progress, we’re settling into our roles more and are better able to manage our time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 21.44.06


So that’s everything for October. But it doesn’t stop there, we have so much planned in the upcoming weeks. We are getting involved in Children in Need and the Samaritans’ Operation Christmas Child. We’ll be hosting a night to raise money to help with the cost of our uniforms. Hannah, our Treasurer will be helping us order uniforms, competition entries and hotels. Cheer are having their choreography day at the end of November (on my birthday, typical!). We will also be getting involved with the “This BUCS Girl Can” campaign, to get more females involved in sport. It’s a campaign I’m quite passionate about, so I can’t wait to host a fun cheer-fit session for everyone to get involved in.

That’s it from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed our first edition and continue to follow us throughout the season.

until next time guys

Rachel x

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Farewell Kingston Cougars

Such sweet words from Coach Emma showing her love and passion for
Kingston University Cheerleading Squad.  💜💜💜😢😢😢😢😢

“And just like that my 10 years of coaching Kingston Cougars has come to an end! 😢
These past 10 years have flown by and from going from a 6th form student, to a kingston uni student, all the way through to today, has been absolutely amazing! 
I’ve loved absolutely every minute of my time coaching this amazing team, and I have memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to sit and share these memories with so many of you last night, was the absolutely perfect way to end my 10 year stint as the Cougars coach!
I’ve made so many friends in my time with Kingston and I want to thank each and every single person for making Cougars what it is today! Whilst I’ll still be managing the programme and popping in here and there, I truly will miss spending every week with this team (and hearing the drunken stories after a Cougar Chaos) 😂

Thank you Kingston! It’s been a blast 💛💙 xxx

Its a joy to see a coach love their team so much and it be return. Coach Emma will never know how much she has touched people live

Image may contain: 45 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
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