Worlds first wheelchair partner stunt

Hey athletes,

Cheer From Head To Toe  wanted to promote this group to people who are not aware of it‘ The Worlds First Wheelchair Partner Stunt’, we think it’s very inspiring.  The guy in the wheel chair name is Rick Rodgers and last April he competed at Cheerleading worlds doing partner stunt with flyer Viv Mendoza.

We personally feel, in life you can do whatever you want to do. You may  not be able to do it in the time that most people do it or the way that most people do it but you can do whatever your brain can imagine, you just have to be patience, determined and focused.

I love this group attitude “ getting involved in the sport no matter what barriers you face. They promote the work of wheelchair partner stunting and also of other disabled cheerleading organisations with a view to assist others in getting involved.”

Please leave comments and check out their web site

Here they are performing at further cheer nationals 2011

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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