Cheerleading Camps

Hey athletes,

C heer From Head To Toe wanted to let you know about a skills camp running by Unity Cheer and Dance Co camp that will happen in July

Unity Have announce their third annual Super skills, Stunt and Tumble camp that  will be held on Sunday 31st July from 10-5pm in Sutton, South London.

At this camp the coaches will be there to support all stunting levels from beginner, advanced, partner stunts and tosses.

The reason why we think this is so good is because it allows you to “Come as an individual, with a stunt group or an entire team !”

Check their link

London cheerleading Academy

Another Camp CFHTT want to promote is London cheerleading Academy

It was very good the last time we went the staff were from ascension eagles and so helpful and really push you, in a good way. I was very impressed and would definitely go again. This Camp Is run monthly and from 1.30-4.30pm with sample schedule on their website.

check their  link

CFHTT feels, Cheerleading camps like this are very good because Cheerleading in this country is changing, fast and more people are learning to tumble and by that I mean back hand springs and more advanced skills. Coaches are pushing their squads to be able to hit the stunts required at their levels not wobble about then fall. The days are fading fast where people can call themselves a higher level squad when they are obviously, a lower level.

We personally feel we need more camps like this especially tumble camps and hopefully in the coming years this will be so.

Ps if you know of any more skill camps or have a reviews of these camps please leave a comment

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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