Penne and Teller /Cheerleading organisations

Hey athletes,

Anyone who knows Cheer From Head To Toe  knows we are cheer addict and proud. It really annoys us when people say it’s not a Sport because OF CAUSE IT IS but that’s another blog post.

CFHTT went on YouTube and type is Cheerleading is a sport and after watching, various videos we came cross Penn and teller to Vegas magician. It was a programme called Penn & Teller – Bullshit S08E01 Cheerleaders it’s about American cheerleading but message can apply to British cheerleaders too. After getting past random parts of nudity the show actually pointed out some very good questions that we as cheerleader should all be asking.

Why do we not have one governing body where all the best squads go to compete and whoever wins, can actually say they are national Champions. We have so many competitions in this country BCA, future cheer, Jamfest, Scottcheer and icc to name a few.

Every couple of months, CFHTT see another squad calling themselves national champs. We feel, if we really want to get the respect the sport deserve we have to get one governing body and one national competition.

After watching Penn and Teller another question pops in my head are there so many competitions because it’s all about the money???

I know so many squads who go to BCA , future cheer ,icc and now jamfest every year including their national competitions.

Do these organisations care more about the money then getting the sport the merit it deserves??? Or are there making a platform to express their love for cheerleading and to allow cheerleaders to compete

We dunno , what to believe.

Please watch the Penn and Teller programe on youtube only if your over 18

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Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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