Do You want to be national Champion Then join sparks Elite

Hey guys

Hope all is well and you getting ready for the 2011-2012 season, we know it going to be amazing.
So just want to let you know that this year’s national Champion level 3 senior open all girl squad spark elite are holding try-outs.

Tryouts for 2011/2012 squad will be august 30th, summer training will provide you with some tryouts material so we recommend that you attend as much as you can 🙂 , if you know anyone who is interested in trying out who has not previously competed with us then please contact

we are opening up our training sessions to those who would like to tryout so come along and sparkle with us through the summer 😀

minimum gymnastics skills:
supported back or front handspring ( with the view of having one by February )
or unsupported front or back walkover

jumps and a dance section will be taught to you before tryouts

This squad is based in London , so what do you think ,guys fancy being a spark???

Check out their video pretty bad quality but it all I could find on the internet so enjoy

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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