Future cheer Building From the Ground up Level 1 and 2

Hey guys

Building from the ground up

We recently attended a building from the ground up course run my future cheer.

Why  we chose Future cheer coaching programme

We have found future cheer to be the friendliest and helping when it comes to competitions and stunt ruling which made me want to refresh my coaching with them. We have also heard good things about them from other coaches but they have only done Future cheer course so  It hard to judge.

Ok so on the 1 October I attended the course went to reception and the person there was very friendly. We saw people who were doing flight school Goldstars’ were there with  Aimee Gibson , Unity had Aimee starfish, Amanda Davidson and Chinwe Okeke. It was very exciting to see all the different squads getting ready for flight school.

Anyway I’m getting side track so building from the ground up.

So the course started and our instructor were Dave Kenworthy, Marie Jenkinson Of Unity cheer and Dance co and Lisa Marie of head coach of NRG.

Each instructor explained the experience they had and it was very impressive and you felt like u were in great hands.

We started the course talking about If you wanted to start up a cheerleading programmes before you start your programme  You need to be organised meaning knowing what competitions you want to do, Where u will train and where you will train if you do extra training sessions, How will you communicate to the parent / the Squad eg social network sites, email or a newsletter and will you be all-star squads or side-line because defining what type of squad you are will define what type of programme you will run.

Following on from this they made you think about, first Aid training with sports injuries as the focus and getting child safety certificate.

They spent a substantial amount of time, making sure you get the right insurance.  Meaning you make sure you are cover to train indoors and out, you can train at different gyms etc.

Straight away you head is buzzing and you’re thinking about your squad programme and ways you can be more organised. Oh and another thing they mention which we  thought was very helpful was they already knew what changes they were going to do to the routine after each competition which is something I had never thought about.

Then they started talking about progressions you should do for stunts and Tumbles. They made it very clear that you shouldn’t let your athletes’ progress on to more advanced skills until they have master pervious skill and if they have master the skill they were doing, now can’t anymore take them back to the pervious progression. In my opinion, many programmes haven’t mastered the basic techniques so when they do more advance skills they always fall flat because they don’t have the foundation which is technique.

After this they talked about how Flyers body positions and making sure they can hold their own weight and what drills you can do. They went through drills for bases and didn’t just show you them they made you do some of them which is the best way for me to learn. We also had to explain what each member of the stunt group has to do in each stunt to one another

They also told you things to watch out for as a coach e.g. bases basing with only their arms and getting that horrible arch in the back which will lead to back problems.

Following this we went on to learn about tumbles and it focused on what you have to do as a coach.

We first learnt about the crab which is the stepping motion you do when supporting the tumble pass. Continuing on from this the instructors had two assistance and we had to teach them the forward rolls as if there had never learnt them before. We taught Cartwheels, back handsprings etc it was very daunting but very important skill to learn as a coach. I feel this was the best part of the whole weekend I learnt so much about drills to do for tumbles. What equipment you should have and what you can do to boost athletes confident if there are scared. I can’t emphasise enough how good the instructors where at make you feel confident to do the tumble passes.

The instructors were very helpful and always willing to answers any question you had.

The only down side we would say is that there is so much information to take in within the space of two days and we did feel rush to take the test so maybe if they course was 9.30- 6.30 instead of 4pm it wouldn’t feel so rushed at the end. we feel that It’s would be effective to have a whole day just focusing on tumbles because tumbles are the main things that are lacking in British cheer. On the other hand we understand that they are trying to give you the most information possible. But if you had never done cheer/tumbles before and where eager to learn I would be over well with all the information.

This is my opinion hope u enjoy

Love From cheer from head to toe


3 thoughts on “Future cheer Building From the Ground up Level 1 and 2

  1. Hey did you get the add on package (tshirt and shorts?) I’m doing the Level 3 -5 course in a few weeks and was wondering what the tshirt was like 🙂

  2. I was one of those people that you described had no previous cheer/gymnastics experience and took the future cheer course levels 1 and 2 and I can confirm that I had an overload breakdown moment, it was too much information at one time, personally I think they should have a seperated level 1 course shorter or over two days that would have been so beneficial to me but the standard of the course information was so high and allowing us to film helped.

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