2011-2012 season ???????

Hey guys

British cheer 2011-2012 season is getting into full swing, we can’t wait to watch all the cheer videos. We are eager to see which cheer squads will be on top. Will someone finally beat unity black and will north London wild cats beat Dc49 again and stay on top in level 4 coed????                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Will Ruby ,unity’s new level 4 team be  just as good as unity indigo and will  unity indigo stay  on top because it’s harder to stay on top then it is to get there???                                                                                                                       Who has new uniforms and will Gold stars progress there tumble skills to become unstoppable in the cheer world so many exciting moments to come and we am be on excited to see Ascension because we really feel they bring a routine to life and rumour has it they are making an all-girl level 3 team who would rival Unity Indigo.                                                                                                                                             So let’s get excited for coming season by watching this video from 2010-2011 British season and impatiently waiting for the new video’s

love from cheer from head to toe


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