Cheer shoes on a budget :Nike Musique VII Womens

Hey guys

So you  know I have being looking  to see what the best cheer shoes people can get if you’re on a budget and as I said before  I have been looking for

  •                 Shoes that fit like a glove
  •                 Cushion
  •                 Shock absorbed
  •                 Good ankle support
  •                 Breathability
  •                 Flexibility
  •                 Durability
  •                 finger groves / grips

Doing my research I found, best shoe for cheerleaders on a budget is all-rounder cheer shoe, a cheer shoe that does it all. Most squads do it all, compete at competitions, cheer at social event or even for a sport team. They need a shoe that is sustainable in all different types of environments but still gives good ankle support and has flexibility.

What shoe does this…..? the Nike cheer flash it was rated third my American cheerleader magazine but this shoe is not available in the uk  😦

After I found that out I refused to be defeated so I thought to myself all I need to do is get a shoe that has all the things the Nike cheer flash has.

Which is  Nike Musique VII Womens Fitness Trainers it used for dance, aerobics, and exercising in the gym. I have made a table so you may compare the too. I think you will find that they are more than a few similarities.


I myself bought these £39.99 from  JJB sport I found these shoes gave me great support. At first they were a bit tight but I wore them around the house and now they fit like a glove, they really do fit like a glove. They made my feet look really small I’m size 7 so that is always a bonus for me. I had to get used to it at first because my last pair were pretty chunky.  I also found them great to tumble in because they are so light. I’m not a great tumbler but I’ve  learnt a punch front and I’m learning a backhand spring so I’m getting there just you wait. I also feel like these shoes are shock absorbent  when I’m jumping  and tumbling. The one thing I love about these shoes is they are extremely white and they allow me to point my toes which may be minor to some people but really like a shoe that allows you to point your toes. I dislike when people do jumps and stunts and don’t point their toes.

Love cheer from head to toe  


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