Daytona Dreams : Take a dream and make it a legacy

Hey guys, hope you all have been enjoying the sun shine
Just wanted to share this amazing mini-series made by two members  of the  Oklahoma State Cheerleading Team called Dayton Dreams.
Daytona Dreams is a behind-the-scenes documentary following the 2012 Oklahoma State cheerleading team & their journey to NCA College Nationals.
I strolled, across this video while browsing on you tube and it was so inspiring, watching their teams’ journey.  You see the love, support and respect their share for each other and how they know how important each member of their team is. I feel that this mini-series shows what real cheerleading is ,the sweat blood and tears  and how you must go hard or go home. Watching this series shows the family bond this team has and the sacrifices they and their coach has made for this team.  For many of the team this is their final year including their coach  so they want to end on a high and also beat their rivals Louisville who have beaten them for the last two years.
The mini series explains the history of the squad and their goal to make their dream a legacy . In episode four you watch the team training for the NCA nationals and training is not going well. It gets to the point where the coach throws the squad out of the gym,  it gets pretty intense. For the cheerleader viewing this  it’s nice to see that these sort of teams aren’t perfect either and have off days to where nothing it’s and frustration mounts .  I would recommend everyone watch this it’s so inspiring

Love cheer from head to toe.


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