Maddie Gardner sign multi-year management Deal

Hey Guys

Interesting  News


Maddie Gardner is one of the first cheerleader in the Cheer industry to gain celebrity notoriety in the sport.  Maddie has signed a multi-year management deal with Porformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment management and consulting agency based from Austin, Texas.
Many people look up to her in the All-Star world, Maddie is a cheerlebrity  to many who has just won Worlds. Maddie has now made history by signing the first-ever sports management contract as an individual cheerleader from the sport.

I am very happy for her because I hope by her getting more exposer it will bring more awareness to the sport which in turn will bring  more funding and better facility.  This will in turn allow for the cost of cheerleading to be lower and for us to have one governing body, hopefully.

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

PS who do you think could be the first British Cheerlebrity ?????




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