How to Pack for a Cheerleading Competition


Hey guys here is CFHTT tips on what to pack for Cheerleading Competition. We all know it can be a bit stressful and then you end of forgetting critical items


  1. The checklist below so you can wake up on the day of your competition knowing that you are prepared, writing Checklist is such a life saver it’s a must do.


  1. Pack your uniform first and put in a separate bag in your suit case so it doesn’t get lost in all your other stuff. You don’t want to be stress the morning of the comp throwing all your stuff all over the room.Always pack extra white socks and sport bras because someone on you team is going to forget these items.


  1. Competition  day is the most amazing day you’re going to want pictures with your stunt group , team , coach , family , friends  basically everyone your definitely  going to want to document these lovely memories.


  1. Every team has to provide their own music and this is the job of Coaches / director really but it can’t hurt to bring clean cd just in case something goes wrong.

Food and water:

  1. We all know you can buy food at the competition but it’s cheaper bringing your own. Furthermore when you go to buy food, try and get healthy food that will give you slow but constant release of energy throughout the day .The most important thing is WATER this is my life line. I always have two water bottles a  big and small one, I take the little bottle to the practice mat and I have a sip just before I go on the competition floor  because I’m so nervous  and I get a dry mouth.

Make-up & hair accessories

  1. Its competition day and you want to feel confident. I would suggest shaving your legs if you’re allow a couple days before so the night before just a quick shave and exfoliating the skin with a nice sugar scrub.Following on from this, bring Make up that enhances your features and gives you the all-star look. Don’t overdo the make-up either put it on strategic places of the face   e.g. highlighter on the cheek bone, blush that complement your skin and mascara that volumes your lashes and shimmery lip gloss to enhance your facials on the mat. Always bring hair bands, bobby pins and hair spray are essential to keep your hair in place while you are tumbling and stunting.

Extra Clothing and shoes

  1. If like me your uniform looks great but makes you so hot I would suggest bringing extra clothing and shoes. You’re going to want to be comfortable after you compete and obviously you don’t want to wear your cheer shoes outside because there are expensive.


  1. Cheer competition store is amazing so it always good to bring money with you.  What if the photographer gets an amazing picture of you, you’re going to want to buy it. I would say give yourself a budget and stick to it because we can all go a bit crazy at the Cheer store


  1. Always have some form of entertainment handy, like an iPod or a book just in case you get bored.
  2. Parental guidance for this tip,I always pack medicines like paracetamol or Ibuprofen  just in cases i wake up and don’t feel right. Furthermore I pack  sanitary product even if I’m not due to be on my period just  because you never know.


11. Bring a positive attitude and competitive spirit with you is a must. You’re going to be nervous that come with competing; it’s easy to get anxious and stressed out if you let yourself. Remember you have worked hard to get to the competition floor and you need to trust that you’re going to smash it on the floor. It’s important to stay positive and upbeat—competing should be a fun experience so just let it be.

What are you guys packing ????

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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3 thoughts on “How to Pack for a Cheerleading Competition

  1. Hi, i’m a 13 y/o cheerleader on my middle school squad and i’m definately packing water and snacks now, I never would have even thought of that, thank you sooo much for the idea! And i’ve noticed that last year when I started competitive cheer, it was easier to go to competition with leggings or yoga pants and then slip them off and stick them in your bag. Oh, and I have a nice figure for being so young and a lot of other cheerleaders do too so don’t forget that sports bra, your gonna need the support girls

  2. I am a cheer mom and I recently started packing medicines like tylenol, ibuprofen, tums, pepto, vitamin C, etc… It’s a life saver if your cheerleader isn’t feeling so good right before a competition. Life saver!!

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