Tips for a successful try-out

Here are Cheer from Head to toe’s tips to help you shine at your try-outs
Firstly, just like a job interview do your research. You should try and find out everything possible about the programme you want to join. Find out if they have a website, Facebook page, twitter and read all their content and watch any videos of them performing. I feel this is an easy step that people keep overlooking but what if they ask “why do you want to join —–?” Are you just going to give a generic answer “because I love cheerleading.” Just like when you see the running order for a competition you are at, it’s time to cheer stalk lolololol.

Go to their open sessions

You should always go to their open sessions because you need to see if you and the programme suit each other. Furthermore it’s a good way to show then your personality, tumbling and stunt skills without try-out nerves. They also may be able to give helpful criticisms which will make sure you nail your try-outs.  Lastly, going to open sessions puts a name to a face which I believe works to your advantage when coaches are thinking about who they want on their team

Cheer Camps
Cheer camps are the perfect time to try-out new skills you want to demonstrate at try-outs and maybe even learn new skills.
Practice being Fierce

Don’t isolate yourself
Whether at, open sessions or try-outs make an effort to socialise with other members and be polite. Remember this is a team sport and no one wants rude members or a person who isolate themselves from the team, Cheer teams are families.
Get fit
Making sure your body is in tip top condition and you have stamina to keep pushing.

Dress to impress
Dress for success; make sure your hair is in a nice pony tail or half up half down. Wear a little bit of makeup and clothes that you feel comfortable in. Clothes that will allow the show of your skills best to the coaches’ e.g. don’t wear baggy trouser or a too loose top. I would suggest, wear Soffe short , T-short and nice big bow. Either wear the teams colours or nice bright colour you want the coaches to notice you this is the time to stand out.

Bring a big bottle of Water
I would also suggest bringing a lot of water because at try-outs you are always going to be nervous and the last thing you want is dry mouth.
Practice being Fierce
You have to fake the fierceness until it thrives through your veins.
When you’re at try-outs you want to put your best foot forward, you want to dance, stunt, jump and tumble with confidents. I would suggest practicing in front of friends and family, tell them to be critical.  Are you doing good facials , tight motions, pointing toes  and  do you have rhythm? Or film yourself or in front of the mirror there is no need not to be fierce, it just takes practice.

Cut you nails, bring Deodorant
We all know that when we train cheer is not glamorous you’re working hard and sweating buckets. At try-out you’re going to be giving it everything you got so bring deodorant preferably men’s as it stronger.
last thing you want is to scratch people you barely know.

Eat Health
Make sure your breakfast gives you steady release of energy which will keep you going throughout try- outs

Show no fear
You have to act like everything you do is amazing. Don’t focus on what you have done wrong just move and make sure everything else hits perfect. Furthermore when we compete we all know  things  can  go wrong stunts fall and tumbles fail but you still have to continue on and finish the routine. The coaches want to see that you will get back up shrug it off and give everything you got to the rest of the try-out
Hope these tips help you guys out
I’m so excited for coming season
Love cheer from head to toe


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