Cheer Perfection: Reality Show On Competitive Cheerleading

Hey guys
As you guys know I love watching cheerleading on youtube and I came across this reality show Cheer perfection. I was very excited when I found this because I love watching shows and documentaries about cheerleading, I just can’t get enough. I always wanted to watch the E entertainment special about cheerleading but have never be able to find it on line so if anyone finds a link please comment below , desperate to watch it.
Anyway back to the Cheer perfection this show is fun to watch but I have to warn you if you don’t like trash tv maybe give this a miss. This onetime special focuses on a Cheer programme called Cheer Time Revolution where the children are working on skills for tryouts. Then come the moms……. who are stage moms to the max, living their dreams through their children and not ashamed to do so

Quotes from the moms
“I wasn’t a cheerleader as a child and I don’t see anything wrong with living through your child.”
“Torin played softball this year. And everybody got a trophy. Well, that’s not fun to me. I want to know that my kid is number one.”
“I expect a lot from my daughter. We spend a lot of money at cheer. And when she [fell during tryouts], I was very upset with her… I expect my daughter to do good. And that was not going to cut it.”

Cheer perfection is a guilty pleasure, its called reality but it’s very staged to make sure they have the drama that people expect from reality tv e.g the cats fights, gossiping and the pressure to win no matter what expense and sacrifice
The drama mainly comes from the rivalry between the moms to see who will be top dog of the Cheer mom circle.
Furthermore each Cheer mom is pushing their child to be the best no excuses. Cheer is everything to these women and money is no object but they expect results
If you like heighten emotions, stage situations and drive to win just watch below

Love Cheer From Head To Toe 

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