Embrace the cheerleader body type

Hi guys

We are athletes we train hard , travel far and we suffer for our sport. We do a sport that requires significant levels of muscular strength, power and endurance. We spend hours repetitively practicing specific cheerleading skills for our routines. We all know apart from practicing our cheerleading skills we  need to condition our bodies. We condition our bodies to build strong but slender muscles which allow for explosive muscle power and superior flexibility. While developing both muscular and cardiorespiratory stamina because we all know our routines are killer.

It saddens me when I hear so many cheerleaders young and older, feeling they need to lose weight or they are too muscly and I’m not just talking about flyers. Cheerleading is not about being stick thin, its and athletic sport which requires an athletic body to handle the demands of it.

Watching the 2012 Olympics it was so nice to see healthy women take to the floor.

Olympians like

Jessica ennis_   anyone who doesn’t think her body is so beautiful is deluded. She has a body we inspire to have she’s not stick thin, she has muscle and she doesn’t look like a man. When I look at her I see a strong, powerful  woman who has work hard to achieve her goal and understand what it means to be dedicated to her sport  just as we are to ours..

As a community ,we need to embrace our cheer bodies and see it as a badge of honour. When CFHTT attends competitions and I see all girl teams stunting and tumbling I get so encouraged to do the stunts that they are doing and even harder cheer skills.

I am fully aware that if, I ever want to achieve these cheer goals. I will need to fuel  and condition my body and eat healthy  so my body can get the nutrients and  develop  the power and strength  that is needed to achieve these goals.

Watching 2012 worlds and watching Spirit central from Massachusetts. There point stunt group was dual basing and it was epic. I would love nothing more than for a coach to have enough confidence in me to dual base in a routine.

I know , for me to get close to ever dual basing I need to fuel my body.

Here is the click of Spirit Central


Please eat healthy and don’t waste your time dieting because you feel you need to live up to and unattainable image that is produced the media.  Instead please focus your energy on doing what you love and perfecting your cheer skills. I promise you that it will make you so much happier

Thank you for reading this post and hope it help someone if only a little bit to embrace their body type

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Love Cheer From Head To Toe

ps these pictures are not mine and belong to their rightful owner


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