Future Cheer Saturday Night Fever 2013: The biggest university competition in uk check the videos of Roehampton Rascals,Hertfordshire Sirens, Birmingham Pussycats,Glasgow University Cheerleading,UCL Lightning,Kent Cheer Hawks , UAL Royals,Goldrush ,King’s College Lions,Hull Sharkettes,Liverpool Foxes,Chester Vixens,Queen Mary Angels, MMUC Cheshire,Brookes Bluebirds,Cambridge Cougars, Oxford Sirens and Future Cheer Harlem shake


Hi Guy last weekend 23-24 February was the biggest university competition in the UK. Last weekend 58 university teams competed. University Cheer has really progressed and the standard of cheer across the levels is so high, I feel so proud of British cheerleader.As you guys always know we hunt to find videos as soon as comp is finish and  here are first lot of videos from competition.

Harlem shake video that everyone is making at the moment and future Cheer has made one to please check it out

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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