Important message please read

Hi guys this is an important message that needs to be shared
We love our sport more than anything and want people to give it the respect it deserves. We spend hours in the cheer gym, the normal gym and we practice practice practice until we can barely stand and then roll into bed at night. We do all this training to make sure we hit clean and win because we are better not because another team drop their stunts.
Cheerleading is a very competitive sport and sometimes people choose to vent their frustration in a negative way ,things don’t always go our way on the mat. When things don’t go my way, I go home and perfect my skills put my frustration into making sure next time I can’t get this skill wrong. At the end of the day no amount of me being negative and bitching about ‘a person is going to make me better. I believe that when you are negative about people it doesn’t affect them it internally spread negativity into you.
Andrea who used to work for Future Cheer who now does her own website
Placed this message on one of the cheerleader forums, it needed to be shared because this is the kind of respect we need to have for each other.
Hey everyone,

Aly and I are working on some leadership training that we’re doing as in-person sessions in the USA. Part of our work involves looking at the current status of “the industry” worldwide and the perceptions of it. One of the biggest spaces we see that perception formed is online- especially on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and forums like this one or the Fierce Board. And the outside perception of cheer is not always positive. In fact, it can be downright negative. I know we all want the work of our cheer athletes, coaches, gym owners, and parents to be respected– and this is a major place we have complete control over how that happens.

We all often talk about how posts on this forum (and other) places are hurtful or otherwise harmful. And because we’re specifically digging in to this issue for our own work, we wanted to stop by here and ask for each of you to truly think about what you are going to say before you write something- and consider what that means to someone else, your team, and the sport in general. Not just here on this forum– but anywhere. Your words in black and white are a reflection not only of you and your team but of the entire industry. They impact everyone.

In coming months we’re doing some projects that can bring positive attention to the sport in general, including the UK cheer community and maybe even this forum. I truly hope that as people come to this forum they find it to be a place that actually adds value to the community. Opinions are fine- with respect for one another, the sport, and said with common courtesy.

So if you’re an athlete- share this message with friends and take on board your responsibility to get it right.
If you’re a coach- have this conversation with your athletes and parents regularly not as a directive or an order, but an encouragement to add value to the cheer community.
If you’re a parent- have an ongoing conversation with your kids about how to participate in online conversation and share opinion in a productive way, and set a good example for them by what you post, as well.

We know this is just one post on a forum. And even about this message, people will have their opinions, good or bad. But there is no doubt that movement to create a more positive image for our sport is getting stronger and stronger because people from the top down are tired of hearing negative things about who we are and what we do. Here’s your chance to be part of a solution and join the movement for positive change. We hope that everyone here will be a part of posting with respect for all on this forum and every other online place.

— Aly & Andrea
Please feel free to share this message and give our sport the respect it deserve

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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