Breaking News : Team England Coaches announced


1049114_602163349818350_1851518049_oHi guys

Today it has been announced who are  the new  coaches for the first truly  unified Team England squad represent us at ICU worlds in 2014. We had already been told that the team will be managed and coached by Tori Rubin (Unity Allstars) and Angela Green (Ascension Eagles) along with the help of  staff from the country’s leading level 5 and 6 Allstar teams

Today Team England has announced the other coaches that will aid, Team England in their Journey to the ICU worlds in 2014

i am so happy to heard that teams across the country are coming together to for the greater good of British Cheer. I am so excited to see what this years routine is going to look like with so many talent coaches,  I already know Team England are going to do well.

Here are the names of the  new Coaches ,Congratulation guys


Sarah Biggs – Coventry Dynamites
Emma Haggis – Surrey Starlets
Amanda Johnston – Unity Allstars
Chris Johnston – Unity Allstars
Rachel Pearson – Aviator Allstars
Ant Ridgway – World Cup Allstars

we are honoured to have you coaching Team England

Love Cheer From Head To Toe

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News : Team England Coaches announced

  1. You can’t even imagine how glad I am this blog exists. I want to move over to London next year and I have been FREAKING OUT that there might not be a cheer squad for me to join. When I actually make the move I shall come to you for advice 🙂

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