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Hi guys

Cheerleading is an amazing sport which has given me so much happiness but there is a pressure that comes with being a competitive cheerleader. Some people thrive on the pressure and others choke they get so anxious and the fear of failing get so intense it takes over.

I wanted to share tips, I use to cope with competition nerves. I always get nervous but over time I have taught myself to use my nerves in a positive way.


It’s the first thing I do when I feel the nerves are trying to get the best of me. I take ten slow deep breaths and this help to calm me down. While I’m doing this my eyes are close and I visualise blowing out all the stress and negativity, watching it disappear.

Talk about the nerves

It’s ok to feel nervous but you shouldn’t ignore your nerves instead talk about them. The best part of cheerleading is that you have loads of people who understand what you are feeling. You have people who believe in you and can help you see the truth and not the lies that your negative thoughts want you to believe.

When I use to get crazy nervous, I always had a friend who made me believe in myself. She told me to not waste this opportunity but embrace the butterflies and turn them into fire don’t let anything take this moment away from you.



You haven’t on the day decided to start cheerleading you have been doing it for months if not years. You have been doing the same routine over and over until you think it’s near perfect. You have trained these skills so many times that when you do this routine in training, you don’t have to think about it so why are you now questioning everything ??

Winners are made at training, you have train these skills you have hit this routine a thousand times so. The next time you’re out on the mat, trust your training

Stop over thinking it

I have a friend who on the day does nothing but think about the routine, she tortures herself. I personally believe thinking about your routine when you already know it is heading for catastrophe.  As I have said before winners are made at training. You need to distract yourself go to the cheer shop, go get some food, take some pictures with your stunt group or go for a walk.

Get motivated

Find what inspires you and let it pump you for competition. When I’m on the mat I pretend like I’m at worlds, performing at worlds would be an honour .I transfer these feelings when performing at any competition, you have to find what works for you




Be positive

Cheer is all about being confident and making everything look easy. Before you go on the mat you need to build yourself up. Tell yourself out loud this routine is going to be amazing, you’re going to not just hit this routine but nail it and everyone’s mouths are going to drop with astonishment.

Make sure you eat

Remember to eat and drink so many Cheerleaders forget to eat because there is so much going on.

While I’m at competition I drink and eat little and often every couple of hours keeping my blood sugar levels steady giving my muscles the fuel they need to compete

Try to avoid eating big meals because the last thing you want to feel is tired, it’s a long day anyway.

This is a tip a friend told me at competition stick to foods you know. Competition day is not the day you should be trying something new. What if it gives you a stomach ache or makes you feel bloated  that’s not what you want.

Focus on you

A lot of Cheerleaders allow themselves to get distracted by the crowd, the noise or judges. When it’s time for you to compete focus on yourself, no one else this is your moment own it.  When I’m on the mat it’s all about me and my team, All I think about is doing everything in my power to nail this routine and make my flyer feel confident so she can perform like no other.

Have fun

Cheerleading is a competitive sport and you started it because you thought it would be fun and a good way to make friends. At points cheerleading is going to be stressful but overall it should be fun and if you’re sad more than your happy then maybe this isn’t the sport for you. I love competition day, being with my friends and making memories, laughing and smiling win or lose


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