Tegan’s dream of the Cheerleading Worlds


“Tegan Rendall is a very poorly 10 year old girl . She has a very rare auto immune disease (gad mediatded encethelopathy) that attacks the brain she also has type one diabetes ,Coeliac disease ,epilepsy and a benign brain tumour . We Are trying to raise money to send her to Florida in April to the worlds cheerleading competition at Disney. Cheerleading is something Tegan has been doing for a few years and she lives for it! She would be tumbling and cheering all day if she could! This is the biggest competition in the world and we know it would mean everything to her if she could go! We want to create an amazing memory for her and really hope you can help! We need to raise enough for flights and accommodation for Tegan and her mum, but the most expensive thing will be insurance!  Thank you so much in advance.”

Please go to the link below and donated as much as you can. They are trying to raise £5,000 and so far are at £ 1, 900, please share and help this beautiful little girl go to World.

We need to come together as a community  and support each other



Cheer From Head To Toe’s  Motto for this season is “no excuse “

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