Ask Ashley from CHEER ATHLETICS!


Hey Guys

The Cheerleader is a new British Magazine coming out soon for more information follow the link  (

The cheerleader Magazine ”  aims to unite the cheer community to ensure that cheerleading can be seen and promoted as the sport is deserves to be. They magazine will provide a keyhole, showcasing cheerleading as a sport in its real light. ”

I n issues two Ashley Wilson From Cheer Athletics will be interview.  Ashley Wilson is a flyer for Cheer Athletics Cheetahs and is in her second season with the Cheetahs. Ashley has been an since she was 4 years old and is in her 11th competitive cheer season.

You have the chance to submit your questions to  her simply email your question to,

comment on our Facebook Post

or tweet in to @thecheermag


Cheer From Head To Toe’s  Motto for this season is “no excuse “

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One thought on “Ask Ashley from CHEER ATHLETICS!

  1. Hey babygirl! Its no secret that your my baby’s idol. My question is how can I keep cheer fun? Lizzie is 10 years old and practices twice a week. I wanna keep the tiring practices rewarding and fun?
    Perhaps lunch after things settle down, I would love to pick your moms head lol. Plus my baby can meet her idol in person…love ya babygirl. You know we support anything you and mom do 100%….♡♥♡

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