Surrey Starlets Amethyst new uniform 2014

Hey Guys

Cheer From Head To Toe attended ICC Southern for the First time and it was so much fun!

I have to talk about Surrey Starlets Amethyst new uniform, it was stunning. The uniform has everything you would want from a level 5 team. You look at their uniform and you want to wear it. Throughout the day Amethyst kept their tops on and did a big reveal which was inspired. Their uniform is covered in diamantes that sparkle like sunlight on the sea in summer, even from a distance their uniform sparkles.

This picture does not do this uniform justice but you can see that Amethyst have taken their team to whole another level in Allstar Cheer.


Furthermore I would like to applaud them for showing great sportsmanship. When Ruby were announced as the winner of ICC Southern Amethyst, all got up and applauded them. Every Cheerleader looks up to these teams and it great that they are showing the correct way to act while competing in (any professional sport)

What do you guys think of the uniform comment below?

Here is Video of them at their  first competition of the season


Cheer From Head To Toe’s  Motto for this season is “no excuse “

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