Southampton Vixen new uniform 2014


Hi Guys
Some of the great things about the new cheer season are watching teams progress and seeing new team uniforms.
Southampton Vixen’s who are a university team recently won level 3 All girl at ICC Southerns division against such teams as Oblivion Nemesis and Surrey Twisters. Being an ex-university cheerleader I am very proud that a university team won this division.
They have shown much inspiration to other university Cheerleaders that they also can be just as good as other Allstar teams. Furthermore there is no reason they shouldn’t enter non-university competitions.
I’m aware that several University team don’t enter non university competition for fear of not winning like they normally do. What I have always said to this is that to be the best you must compete against the best
Southampton Vixen’s have got a dazzling new uniform to go with their new first place trophy.
Their uniform is a blue mesh leotard with shorts. The colours are blue, white and red. The white is a swirly design with blocks of red and diamantes details which enhance the uniform. This uniform looks really good on the Matt and only adds to the overall performance of their routine
I love when a team has Allstar uniform and has the skills to match it’s such a pleasure to watch. They performed really well at ICC Southerns and deserve there 1 st place trophy
Can wait to watch this team’s progress throughout the year





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