Cheer From Head To Toe tips for attending the Cheerleading Worlds 2014

worlds 2014

Hey athletes
Worlds are just around the corner and we can’t wait to hear the results because we have so many UK teams attending
For those of you that didn’t know here the list of teams attending worlds 2014
Aviator aces (coed 5) , Aviator f35- lightning (AG 6), Unity black (coed 6), Coventry dynamite coed 5 ,Rising stars Ellipse & Midnight , surrey starlets amethyst, Heroes Princesses, Champion Dance & Cheer Allstars, JC Dance and Cheer Academy, RSD Action, Gold Star, Star Spirit jazz, SA jazz
We want to make sure you have the best experience ever so here are our tips to making sure you have the best time at worlds

A Positive attitude no matter the situation
World is something a lot of athletes can only dream of attending, let alone competing at. Please embrace the experience and cherish every moment, hold your head high no matter what happens .
Be Healthy
Going to Worlds is not just about being at worlds it’s about getting your body prepared. We are athletes and we need to treat our body like a well oil machine if we want the best results. A healthy life style is important but don’t stress, just try and do your best when it comes to eating right and getting enough sleep
Some people at CFHTT add a multivitamin to their diet plan and make sacrifices so they get that extra rest because a good night’s sleep is crucial to a strong immune system.
Secondly Bottled water is your best friend at worlds. It’s always important to stay hydrated especially at worlds it’s going to be hot and you’re going to be very active.

Emergency Items
Whenever you go away make sure you pack all the items you would need, encase you get ill. CFHTT call this the ‘just in case’ box fill of medicine for head ache ,upset stomach , hay fever, cold, flu anything you could ever need .
Stick with what you know
Competition is not the time to be trying new foods because you don’t want to give yourself an upset stomach or allergic reaction at least until after the competition.
Document your experience
This is going to be one of the best experiences of your life. You’re going to want to show your children, family and friends, so take your camera and document your experience.

Worlds is an amazing experience because you will meet people from all over the world who share your passion, for this sport you love . Make sure you go and mingle with different athletes, share your experience, we promise it will only enhance your trip
Worlds is the perfect place to go trade t-shirts, pins, bows, bags and more. Make sure you pack some kit your happy to trade and get socialising

Practice within reason
Cheer From Head To Toe thinks when you’re at worlds it’s not the time to be trying to master a new skill that time has gone. Worlds is all about hitting a clean routine and performing it to the best of your ability. You have to think of your team and be selfless and being selfless means not throwing that dodgy full instead being humble and throwing a clean layout.
It’s Ok to be scared
We all get nervous and scared and that’s ok but don’t let it consume you. You need to remember that you have earned your spot on this team. Your coaches gave you that spot because you have the skill set they wanted. Don’t believe the lies that we tell ourselves , such as ‘I can’t do this’ and ‘I’m not good enough’ because these are not true.
Think about all the training you have done, the blood sweat and tears. Think about how much you have wanted this when you were sitting in your room watching it on your laptop dreaming you would be there one day. Turn these nerves into fire and let them out on the floor. Think about your final pose and the crowd cheering and the adrenaline rush you’re going to feel as you hug your team mates, just enjoy the moment.
No matter what happens keep going
We at CFHTT believe that no matter what happens, you keep going and try and save everything. We all want to hit a perfect routine but when we see a great save we feel so proud

here a video of some amazing saves

Here are CFHTT tips for having a great world experience do you guys have any tips comment below


Cheer From Head To Toe’s  Motto for this season is “no excuse “

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