Cheer From Head To Toe’s review of Jamfest Europe 2014

Hey athletes
Cheer From Head To Toe attended Jamfest Europe and we had so much fun!

Little info about the competition

  • Location  Liverpool
  • Held at  Echo Arena
  • Athletes  compete on marly floor on top of stage for dance
  • Their is improved spring floor practice area.
  •  Jamfest is one of the largest competition in the country and Europe!

The sun was shining and the sky was so blue it was a great day to compete. There was a great atmosphere and the MC was very entertaining, going around talking to different teams and keeping the crowd pumped the whole day.
There were lots of team we recognised who attended this competition: Marshalls , Ascension Eagles, Crimson Heat, Coventry Dynamite, Stars Elite, Sparks Allstars to name a few
There were also a few teams we had never seen in the flesh and that always
makes the day a little more exciting!
We were very impressed with Skyline – they had such a strong performance and great skills to match. Their level 2 routine was outstanding they made you take notice – and we did.
Another team that impressed us was Strike Force – this was the first time that we’ve seen them perform and we loved it.
ICE intensity level 4 team never stop impressing us, they keep getting better and every time they perform this program goes from strength to strength. We can’t wait until they get a level 5 team and they fully deserve the Grand Champ bid.
We have to take a moment to talk about Crimson Heat as they blew us away. Every team was on point and it shows in their results with 4 first places, 2 Grand Champions and 2 US Final bids. At CFHTT we are all about the three P’s – Power, Personality and Precision – and they had it by the bucket load. We were extremely impressed to see this precision in every level from juniors to senior and that’sthe show of a great program.
Ascension Eagle’s prophecy also caught our eye. They perform which such passion and it’s great seeing the younger generation hitting their skills and giving it their all.
Next, we were very excited to see Coventry Dynamite program at Jamfest. We were especially looking forward to seeing Ignite. We couldn’t wait to see Ignite uniform – it was gorgeous, sparkly and everything you want from a level 5 team that represents you at Worlds. Ignite put on a great performance they are pushing themselves to be a true level 5 team .They did have some falls and bobbles but overall a great performance and we can’t wait to see them at Future Cheer Nationals.
We also saw London City Stars in coed level 4, who have progressed incredibly since we last saw them at Winter Wonderland. They really have upped their buildable skills, with better timing and more athletes tumbling, which is great from this program they deserve their 1st place trophy.
It was great to see Sparks Allstars level 4 team Xplosion perform again they had such a great pyramid, very creative with lots of movement and they earned their 3rd place trophy
Sparks Elite also put on a great show and overall great performance but a few too many bobbles and a tap down gave them 5th.
Sparks Wildfire had a brilliant opening sequence but a few to many mishaps gave them 15th but this team has great potential.
In the middle of the day we went to meet Charlotte from The Cheerleader and she was lovely and cares so much about this sport.
Overall, we had a fun time at this Jamfest and the only thing that was a disappointment was the overrunning of time which happens at almost every competition we attend. It was gone 9pm when they were giving out awards for senior three and it being a Sunday, people have to get home for work or school on Monday. This meant a lot of people were leaving as soon as their team were placed which was a shamebut completely understandable because plenty of teams came from the South and still had a 4 hour journey ahead of them.
Even with this mishap with time, we can’t wait to attend this competition next year.
What did you guys think of the competition? Comment below!

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