ICC results for Youth, Minis and Juniors

Youth Level 1 small

1st Marshals Cheer & Dance Detectives
2nd Sapphire Elite-Elite
3rd Rising Stars-Starburst
4th Predators-Huskies
5th Pixes Cheer-Sprites
6th Mk Elite Hurricanes
7th Affinity-Ignite
8th Intensity Cheer & Dance-Fireflies
9th Harrogate Hornets
10th Airborn Nitros

Youth Level 1 Large
1st EMCA-Rock
2nd Oblivion-Evolution
3rd Unity All Stars-Lime
4th Derby Diamonds-Asscher

Youth Level 2
1st Unity All Stars-Peach
2nd Blackpool Scorpions-Supreme
3rd Rising Stars-Starlites
1st RSD Action-Editions

Youth Level 3 Males Allowed
1st RSD Action-Editions

Youth GS (L2) 12 yrs & Younger
1st Airborn Nitros

Mini Level 1
1st EMCA-Sunshine
2nd Unity All Stars-Syke
3rd Pixes Cheer-Imps
4th Intensity Cheer & Dance-Shimmer
5th Blackpool Scorpions-Future
6th MK Elite Raindrops
7th Marshals Cheer & Dance Baby Bullets
8th Derby Diamonds-Gems

Mini Level 2 Males
1st RSD Action-V.I.P’S

Junior Level 1
1st Crimson Heat Tigers
2nd EMCA-Glitter
3rd Blackpool Scorpions-Elevation

Junior Level 1 small
1st RDC Cheerleaders-Emeralds
2nd A2D Galaxy
3rd Galaxy Elite-Milkyways
4th COGC
5th Pixes Cheer-Spirits
6th Surrey Starlets-Lavender
7th Rising Stars-Parallax
8th Dorset Dragons-Ignite
9th Intensity Cheer & Dance-Envy

Junior Level 2 Males small
1st Marshals Cheer & Dance Sheriffs
2nd Sapphire Elite-Extreme
3rd Pixes Cheer-Divas
4th MK Elite Blizzards
5th COGC
6th Predators-Tigers
7th Dorset Dragons-Fire

Junior Level 2 Large
1st Crimson Heat Tigers
2nd Unity All Stars-Rose
3rd EMCA-Rhapsody
4th Rising Stars-Pandora
5th Airborn Nitros
6th Derby Diamonds-Marquise

Junior Level 3 small
1st Oblivion-Inferno
2nd EMCA-Sweet Ladies
3rd Rising Stars-Solar
4th Pixes Cheer-Alux
Junior Level 3 large
1st Unity All Stars-Pearl
2nd Surrey Starlets-Tanzanite
3rd Predators-Leopards
4th Blackpool Scorpions-Eternity

High School JV Level 2 1st Kingsway Star
Junior Level 4 All-Girl
1st RSD Action-A Listers

Grandchampions Unity Peach

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