senior Result from ICC Nationals2015

Co-Ed Level 5
1st Oblivion-Revolution
2nd Unity All Stars-Black
3rd Rising Stars-Midnight
4th Genesis-Intensity
5th RSD Action- Legends

Senior Level 5 large
1st Unity All Stars-ruby
2nd Surrey Starlets-Amethyst
3rd Gold Star-Galaxy

Level 5 All-Girl small
1st Intensity Cheer Extreme-Ice 5
2nd Marshals Cheer & Dance Pretty Bullets

Senior Level 1
1st Surrey Starlets-Wisteria
2nd Sapphire Elite-Intensity
3rd NS Victories

Senior Level 2 small
1st EMCA-Fantasy
2nd Dorset Dragons-Blaze
Senior Level 2 Males Allowed (S)
3rd Predators-Venom
4thPixes Cheer-Strikes
5th Rising Stars-Zodiac
6thGalaxy Elite-Starburst
7thCheerleader Academy Antwerp-Wildjax

Senior Level 2 large
1st Unity All Stars-Jade
2nd Crimson Heat Tigers
3rd Blackpool Scorpions-Silver
Senior Level 2 Males Allowed (L)
4th Saints Elite
5th Imperial Storm-queens
6th Derby Diamonds-Princesses
7th Affinity-Matrix
8th Oblivion-Ozone

Senior Level 3 All-Girl small
1st Unity All Stars-Saffron
2nd Surrey Starlets-Violet
3rd Oblivion-Nemesis
4th RDC Cheerleaders-Sapphires

Senior Level 3 All-Girl large
1st EMCA-Magic
2nd Gold Star-Eclipse
3rd Sapphire Elite-Allstar
4th Airborn Nitros
Senior Level 3 All-Girl (L)
5th Birmingham Pussycats
6th Saints Elite
7th Bracknell Twisters
8th Intensity Cheer & Dance-Fusion
9th Derby Diamonds-Radiant
10th Accrington Academy- Allstars

Senior Co-Ed Level 3
1st Blackpool Scorpions-Extreme
2nd Rising Stars-Lunar
3rd RSD Action-Directors
4th Dorset Dragons-Inferno
Senior Level 4 All-Girl
1st Rising Stars-Aurora
2nd Crimson Heat Tigers
3rd Loughborough Goldrush
4th The Marvels-Vengeance

Senior Co-Ed Level 4
1st Predators-Vipers
Senior Co-Ed Level 4 1 to 4 Males
2nd RSD Action-Agents
3rd Airborn Nitros

Unlimited Co-Ed Level 4
1st Unity All Stars-Indigo
2nd Oblivion-Vortex
3rd Marshals Cheer & Dance Troopers

Grand Champions EMCA Magic , Unity Black and Unity Ruby


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