Teams heading to Worlds 2015

Hey Athletes

Its Worlds week and here are pictures of some of the teams last pictures on British soil

Unity Ruby sending their love from the plan


Coventry Dynamite picture just before boarding

11182912_1655873547965644_326946797_oOblivion Allstars so excited to be heading to Worlds for the first time

11027493_821784351246907_9222243017667807604_nTeam Ireland last picture on Irish soil

11169979_702622476527012_1573770104875640186_n Gold Star Twlight we love these ladies

11035743_839018949504573_1325218911302859397_nRsd Leading ladies can’t wait to get to worlds

11118632_998116156880218_7271518717713610899_nBCA bid winners Phoenix Flames

11179710_1655887281297604_2077522592_oStar Spirit heading to the airport to the place where Cheer dreams come true


CFHTT wish all the team attending worlds the best of luck.


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