Cheer From Head To Toe tips on what to pack for Future Cheer Nationals

Hey guys, FC Nationals is just around the corner. Sun Sea and Cheer, what could be better? We know it can be stressful packing and then ending up forgetting critical items. Read our Cheer From Head To Toe tips of what to do in preparation for a Cheerleading competition. 11719813_10153578150108287_1828763126_n

1) Write a checklist so you can wake up on the day of your competition knowing that you are prepared. Writing a checklist is such a life saver it’s a must do.

2) Eat breakfast. We know you have to get up early on comp day and a lot of the time you may not be hungry because of how early it is or nerves. You’re athlete and you need to fuel your body for the intense work you’re going to put it through when you perform on the mat. You want food that will fuel you and give you constant release of energy throughout the day.

3) Know where you’re going. Get directions to your competition and don’t try and work it out on the morning of the competition unless you want to arrive sweaty and frustrated. The Bic ( Bournemouth International Centre) is not near the train station it right near the sea front and isn’t the easiest to find.

4) Pack your uniform and your gym apparel first and put it into a separate bag in your suitcase so it doesn’t get lost in all your other stuff. You don’t want to be stressed the morning of the comp throwing all your stuff all over the room. (Always pack extra white socks and sport bras because someone on you team is going to forget these items).

5) Bring an extra battery for your phone. Nowadays phones only seem to last until mid-afternoon let alone the evening. Most cheer competitions start at around 7- 8 am and finish late into the evening. You are going to want to be able to communicate with our family and cheer group.

6) Competition day is the most amazing day and you’re going to want pictures with your stunt group, team, coach, family, and friends basically everyone. You’re definitely going to want to document these lovely memories. If your phone can’t take high quality pictures, best pack your camera!

7) We all know you can buy food at the competition but it’s cheaper to bring your own. Try and bring healthy snack fruit, nuts etc. If you have to buy food, try and get healthy food that will give you slow but constant release of energy throughout the day.

8) The most important thing is WATER. This is CFHTT life line! Always have two water bottles a big and small one, take the little bottle to the practice mat and have small sips just before going on the competition floor.

9) Future Cheer Nationals is right next to Bournemouth beach so make sure you pack sun tan lotion, swimsuit or trunks, sun glasses, beach towels and some casual clothing as you don’t want to be on the beach in your cheer uniform. Oh also pack some plastic bags so you can put your wet swim suit in so your other items does not get wet or sandy.

9.5) Bring Money for the Cheer store. Future Cheer Nationals has AMAZING cheer store so bring some money so you can treat yourself. They have everything you could ever need bows, cheer shoes, bags , t-shirts everything a cheerleaders heart desires.

10) Pack a medicine bag to make sure you have all your medication, or even just paracetamol and ibuprofen. It’s a life saver if you’re not feeling so good right before a competition. A Life saver!

Lastly… Bring a positive attitude and competitive spirit with you. You’re going to be nervous and that comes with competing; it’s easy to get anxious and stressed out if you let yourself. Remember you have worked hard to get to the competition floor and you need to trust that you’re going to smash it on the floor. It’s important to stay positive and upbeat—competing should be a fun experience!


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