Interesting fact from FC Nationals from ICE Cheer dad Siom

Hi Guy

ICE Cheer dad Simon release these fun fact from Future Cheer Nationals

Cheer Teams Analysis

1. There were 274 Cheer Team performances across 39 age / level categories
2. 85 programmes competed at FC Bournemouth, but only 24 achieved a 1st place award
3. ICE achieved the highest number of Cheer Team wins with 5 !
4. Sharon Ann Cheer came 2nd with 4 wins and Coventry Dynamite came 3rd with 3
5. ICE Passion senior 2 achieved the highest score of the whole competiton with 142.37
6. The biggest margin between 1st and 2nd was achieved by ICE Shock with a margin of 22.87 points
7. The biggest programme at FC Internationals was Unity Allstars with 10 teams
8. ICE was the 2nd biggest programme with 9 teams (the same as JC Cheer & Dance)
9. ICE achieved the 7th best average team score of 131.58 – the best average was EMCA with 135.149
10. The county with the most Cheer Teams is Surrey with 9 programmes who competed
11. Kent had 5 Cheer Programmes at the competition
12. The most successful county is West Midlands with 7 awards of 1st place (4 to Sharon Ann and 3 to Coventry Dynamite)
13. Surrey is the 2nd most successful county with 6 awards of 1st place (2 – Unity, 2 Kingston Cougars, 1 Blue Starz and 1 to Surrey Starlets)
14. Kent is the 3rd most successful county with 5 wins – all thanks to ICE!

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