Angel Rice Sets a Guinness World record

Hey Guys

Today is a great day for Angel Rice and great exposure for our sport.

Today 16-year-old cheerleader Angel Rice of  Smoed fame , sets a Guinness world record on the TODAY plaza ( a day time tv show in american)  for the most double full twists performed in one minute.

“I’m a little out of breath but not dizzy,” says Rice on the Today show appearance. During her interview, she explained that she had never done that many double fulls before in that short amount of time.

Ten double full twists were needed to set the Guinness record. Angel Rice is known throughout the cheerleading world for her tumbling skills and as a cheerleader. Angel Rice was the girl who was on Stingray All Stars who did that amazing tumbling pass at worlds know across the cheer world.

watch below to see her in action


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