London cheerleaders Zoo Fever

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London cheerleaders Zoo Fever are not your usual UK cheer team. At Cheer From Head To Toe we occasionally like to look at different UK cheer teams and explore what is special about them.

The UK cheerleading world has been somewhat divided when it comes to professional cheerleading and Allstar cheer. There are a lot of professional cheerleading teams in the UK which have little or no real cheer background, which can ruffle up some feathers among the UK cheer community: “they are not cheerleaders. It’s not a real representation of our sport”.

As in most cases, there are two sides to the story. Yes, there are many cheerleading teams in London which cheer on the sidelines, calling themselves ‘cheerleaders’ – which we know have no background in the sport, which can be aggravating to us as a community. However, we also need to remember that cheerleading originated from Sideline Cheer – so at the same time we can’t fully ignore this activity because without Sideline cheer, Allstar Cheer wouldn’t exist.

What we found out about Zoo Fever is that they are one of the very few professional cheerleading teams that are also active in the competitive cheerleading community (senior pom).

In 2014 their team of professional cheerleaders got Grand Champs for Dance at BCA, despite having had the team together for just 3 months. Recently at Future Cheer Winter Wonderland 2015 they won senior small open Pom.



Since they were set up in 2007 by Jessica Zoo the focus of the team is professional cheerleading, having appeared on a number of high-profile commercials and TV shows, including the Katy Perry H&M Christmas Ad, T Mobile, A league of Their own and many more.                                                      It’s also great to see that Zoo has a demo stunt team too, which is made up scattered co-ed athletes who come in whenever clients want to see more stunting at their event. We look forward to what Zoo Fever London Cheerleader get up to in 2016.


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