CFHTT review of Kaepa Stellarlyte

living cheer

Hi Guys

Today we will be reviewing Kaepa Stellarlyte.

Kaepa was the first cheer shoes CFHTT knew about when we got involved in this sport many years ago.

If you have been in this industry for a long time you would have seen the evolution of the cheer shoes. When people first started cheer in the UK they would just go and buy a pair of white trainers, some people even had plimsolls, we know, crazy right!

Then this company came along call Kaepa and everyone bought a pair. It was so cool to have a shoe made especially for cheerleaders. The shoes had the triangle multiple colour insert which came with the shoes allowing you to match your shoes to your uniform. Matching your shoes to your uniform back in the day meant you were here to win, lol.

Since the early 2000’s the Kaepa brand has progressed and provides a variety of Kaepa  shoes to suit every requirement of an athlete.

We were sent these Kaepa Stellarlyte to review by


Living Cheer has been supplying cheer leading products for many years and has built an enviable reputation for supplying goods of outstanding quality, style and value.

Living Cheer offers a host of different footwear in a wide range of sizes to suit every taste and every budget.


Kaepa Stellarlyte weight 6.0 ounces. The reason you want a light shoes is the lighter the shoes the easier it is to jump and tumble.

The Stellarlyte has finger groves on the side of the shoe, allowing you to place your hands perfectly on the flyer’s foot, giving you the security and control of the foot, knowing they will not be slipping through your hands.


CFHTT thinks the nice thing about the Stellarlyte, is the sole of the shoe has smooth groves across it which cushions it and gives the shoes more traction for a better grip.


Jumping and tumbling in the Stellarlyte is great because of the cushioning. The shoe is very comfortable and has padded insert which are removable. It also has extra support midfoot, because of the strap cradle system which make sure the shoes are moulded better to your foot.                                                                                                                                             It’s breathable because of the Ventilated tongue and it has protection against odour, staining and deterioration, which is helpful because we want our shoes to stay as white for as long as possible.


They have also thought of tumbler as well and made the heel tremendously absorbent for all you power tumbler out there. There is no need to worry about blowing out the sole of shoe after a competition, this shoes is sturdy!

Living Cheer retail the shoes at £45.95 from kids size 10 to adult 5.5 sizes, and at £54.95 from sizes 6 and above. The price of this shoe, we think is great for Athlete starting out in the sport and university teams who may be on a budget but still want a shoes that meet all the needs of Allstar athlete.

To purchase these shoes make sure you go to .

The delivery was so fast and they have great customer service. We received the shoes next day delivery which is perfect because who wants to wait 3-5 day working days anyway.

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