CFHTT interview with Deb From Team England Para Cheer

Deb Roach

Hi Guys,

Over the next coming week we will be releasing our interviews with Team England  Para Cheer Athletes. The first Athlete we interviewed was Deb Roach

Deb is a base and her disability is she was born without a left arm from birth.

Hi Deb


Why did you want to join Team England ParaCheer?

I’m a pole dancer with a love of acrobatics and yoga. Rick and Jayme introduced me to ParaCheer and I really enjoyed the way it combined different aspects of the solo activities I loved in a team environment. When the opportunity to try-out came about, I jumped at the chance!

What’s your favourite part of being on Team England ParaCheer?

The way we work together as a cohesive unit. Group stunting is new to me and the way we use tempo and trust, each taking our roles and responsibilities seriously in order to achieve our shared vision is very powerful motivation.

Are there any stunt/technique adaptations you make or are a part of which you find especially interesting?

I hold my flyers foot in my own way and use my left shoulder in ways that not only had I never dreamed of, but that have given me huge strength gains in a really short amount of time!

Keep watching this space for our next interview coming soon


Until next time guys


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