Wise words from Legacy Cheer and Dance

Hey Guys,

CFHTT is buzzing for worlds just like everyone else but it is very important to celebrate how far each and every one has come as an athlete no matter what level or skilled achieved.
CFHTT saw this post online and had to share these motivational words from Legacy Cheer and Dance



All the Worlds teams that are all over social media right now? Yes, they all started somewhere. They all learned forward rolls and cartwheels. They all had their first thigh stand, prep, full down. They all had someone teach them which way to swing their arms when they jump. They all had a day where they learned a few motions, stepped on a spring floor for the first time, and first experienced the bright lights as a competitor. They’ve all won things before, but statistically speaking, they’ve lost a lot more. They’ve dropped stunts, had tumble busts, had disappointment. But they all pressed on, got back up, and kept going.

Wherever you are in your journey, brand new or veteran, be sure to make time to celebrate where we all come from and where we’re all going. Every step of the path you take matters, no matter where that step is or how far it takes you.

Thank you, Legacy Cheer and Dance for always keeping the UK cheer community grounded

Until next time guys


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