CFHTT interview with Steph From Team England Para Cheer

Steph Malfatti

Hi Guys

We are continuing on with our interview series with Team England Para Cheer athletes.
Our next interview is with Steph Malfatti.
Steph is a flyer on the team and is visual impaired

Hi Steph


Why did I want to join Team England ParaCheer?

I thought the concept of mixing able bodied and non able bodied athletes was great, it shows that anyone no matter the setbacks is capable of so much with hard work. It’s a great thing to show the cheer community as well as everyone else

What’s your favourite part of team England ParaCheer?

The people and the atmosphere. The people on the team have bonded so quickly and become a family we’re so supportive and accepting in life as well as cheer.

Are there any adaptations I find interesting?

I have to make adaptations for both stunting and tumbling and I’ve made many through the12828973_1220034294692057_7393572676403053909_o years. The most creative and one of the most effective is that we have put high visibility strips on my bases shoulders. This makes it easier for me to see them so that I can smush from stunts and catch their shoulders.


Thank you for sitting down with us Steph and good luck at Worlds 2016



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