CFHTT interview with James From Team England Para Cheer


James Vodrey

Hi Guys

We are continuing on with our interview series with Team England Para Cheer athletes.
Our next interview is with James Vodrey .
James is a base support on the team and has no disability


Hi James


Why did you want to join Team England ParaCheer?

The thing that drew me to join ParaCheer Team England was the feeling that this was an entirely new way to perform the sport that I love. ParaCheer Team England is a testament to the unique inclusive quality of Cheerleading, proving that, through positivity and love, this is a sport that anyone can participate in and contribute to. The formation of a squad like this is something that has never been done before and it is truly in a league of its own.

What is your favourite part of Team England ParaCheer?


12814162_1218385884856898_5189622362923190874_nFor me, the best thing about ParaCheer Team England is seeing the way that people can adapt to their own physical needs and still compete at a high level. I am a Base Assistant for an athlete who has one arm and we have adjusted our technique to account for this. With a little communication and work we have managed to consistently hit every stunt we have been given and that’s such a great feeling. I’m so proud of my fellow athletes and the way that we have come together to show that physical disabilities can be overcome and that, with both individual and team effort, we can achieve so much.

It so great to see the UK cheer community coming to together and supporting each other. If we all work together we can achieve great thing. The future is bright for Team England Para Cheer .

Thank you for sitting down with us James   and good luck at Worlds 2016


Until next time guys


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