Cheer From Head To Toe review of Toe Touch Bag


Hi guys,

We all know Cheerleading isn’t a fashion but we can’t deny that when we hit competition we go full out. The hair, make-up, bows and even the bag we bring are important to us. Backpacks are a massive trend in the world in general but also in the Cheer World.

We love a backpack because they are functional and fashionable.

We got sent this back pack from upcoming Brand Toe Touch.

Toe Touch is up and coming cheer, dance and gym wear label from Manchester, England.

The owner, Debrian, created this bag because she had seen most of the bags on the market and thought she could design the perfect bag for Cheerleaders to use at school, training and of course hold everything for competitions too.

We have had this bag for a while now and have been testing it out letting you guys know all the features.

Firstly, the bag is a gorgeous sparkly pink colour. It’s so sparkly that it makes you feel like a princess. When this bag is in the sunlight the sparkle is on another level!

This bag is striking and we love it for that.

The bag is made of strong glitter vinyl so no need to worry about the glitter coming off, it will always be sparkly.

The back of the backpack has a lovely cushion for extra support and to stop it from rubbing on your back.P1120057

The best thing about this bag apart from the appearance is how functional it is.

There is so much room in the bag and so many pockets which can fit all your stuff it.  You don’t need to carry another bag if you have this one you are set for competition. On the outside of the bag there is a phone pocket on the strap which is great because you can  access your phone and also plug your head phones in a listen to your cheer music on the go.

There is a large pocket on the side of the bag is ideal for a water bottle which every cheerleader needs because who goes to training without a water bottle!? Two practical clips sit at the top of the bag for your bows or medals because it’s still a big trend to have your bows and medals on your backpack to parade around at competition.

Now let’s move to looking inside the bag.

P1120061The first compartment that is amazing is the hidden shoe compartment that has entry from a zipped side pocket. CFHTT love this invention because it means you don’t have to have your shoes next to your lunch and water bottle or worry about if food or drink is going to get on them. They are safely hidden away until you need them. Or, if you use this bag as a school bag as well as a Cheer bag you could put your lunch in that hidden compartment.




The front of the bag has a large bottom pocket which also comes with a large make-up bag and then there is a pocket at the top of the bag which could fit a purse, phone, etc.


The inside of the backpack is a black material and the large front compartment above the hidden shoe compartment would be a good place to put a tablet.


Three other smaller pockets which would allow you to store other items such as your phone and notebook, and there is another clip that would be good place to clip your keys so you know they are safe.

The last zipped compartment is quilted and would be most suitable for a laptop but it is also a good place to put your uniform so it is separate from your other things and you can find it immediately.

Lastly, a great feature of this bag is that it can all be wipe clean, including the shoe compartment, pockets and cosmetic bag


CFHTT thinks this bag is amazing and it retails at £58.00.

It is available in black and pink. We love this bag for how sparkly it is and how functional it is. You can fit all your stuff in this bag. We took this bag to competition and we had our uniform, camera, food, water, shoes, change of clothing, make-up, hair products and note pad all in this one bag.  Why have several bags when you can have just one!?

This bag would make the perfect birthday or Christmas present or just a great all-purpose bag.

We love this bag and think you guys are going to love it too

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Another review coming soon guys so watch this space.


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