CFHTT’s review of Nfinity grey sparkle backpack


Hi Guys

Today, we will be reviewing the Nfinity Grey Sparkle backpack.

We have had this backpack for a while now, so feel that we can give a detailed review of the backpack and its durability. We have had this backpack for over two years now and it is still in great condition! Nfinity Backpacks are a coveted obsession in the cheer world.  We have had so many compliments on this backpack, from people in the cheer world and the general public alike.

The first thing you notice about this backpack is how sparkly it is. It is especially sparkly in the sunlight, where it glistens. The sparkle doesn’t shed over time, because of its strong material that makes it very durable.

The backpack feels great to wear on the shoulders and back, because of the air-mesh padding which is comfortable as well as breathable. The backpack also has two clips on the front, to which you can clip your bows, as well as a handle on the top of the backpack.

Inside the backpack, there are four compartments, one of which includes a padded laptop sleeve.

20160803_181223The first compartment is a small pocket, which has 5 smaller sections, 3 for pens and 2 for other things like phones. It also has a clip, which would be an ideal place to attach your keys or a bow depending on your preference.

The next compartment was built to fit an Nfinity shoes case – and it does – but we generally don’t carry our shoes in its case, given that we want to maximise space. We generally put our training kit, food and deodorant in this compartment, which has the Nfinity logo on the front.

The compartment behind that is the biggest compartment, which is a great place to put your cheer shoes, a water bottle and anything else you may need.

20160803_181326The last compartment is completely padded, and comprises a laptop sleeve, which could also hold a tablet. We also like to use this section as a great place to put your camera because the whole section is padded, and therefore will keep your precious items and electronics safe.

The backpack ranges in price between £84-89, depending on which website you look at.

We would definitely say that this backpack is an investment piece. It is not cheap, but the backpack is made to last and tends to consistently look brand new, so there is generally no need to buy a new one unless you want to. So – for all the cheer parents out there – if you buy this backpack for your child, you will not need to buy them another for years (probably to your child’s disappointment!). A downside I would say about this backpack is that it doesn’t have a water bottle section. This is a bit frustrating to be honest, but not the end of the world. Another disadvantage of this backpack is that because of the padding and the sturdy material, the backpack itself is heavier than most backpacks when there is nothing in it. Lastly, we aren’t sure of the best way to clean the backpack if you spilled something on it. This backpack is harder to clean than most backpacks due to the sparkly material, and we would suggest dry cleaning instead of try to clean it yourself, especially if it’s a larger stain. Definitely don’t put it in the washing machine!

editedThis backpack is an all-purpose backpack: it could be used as a school backpack, cheer backpack, for hand luggage when travelling or just general use. It has four compartments in which you can carry a large number of items. When it comes Worlds season, you see many people using their Nfinity backpack as hand luggage when travelling.

Taking all advantages and disadvantages into account, CFHTT would definitely purchase this backpack again, because once you have one, you want to collect them all! We have our eyes on a few from the more recent lines…

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Do you own an Nfinity backpack? If so, comment below with which backpack you own and what you think of the backpack!

Until next time guys,

love  CFHTT

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