Will Legacy Cheer and Dance award worlds bids for 2016-2017 season?


Hi Guys

There has been a lot of speculation regarding if Legacy will ever give out bids. There has been so much speculation that Legacy has release a statement to the public to lay this situation to bed.

“Hi everyone,
To clarify some confusion we’ve seen in several threads:
Legacy has requested quite a while ago the option to give Worlds bids at our 2017 nationals event for Worlds 2018. There has been a delay in the response for several reasons we won’t go into here, but so far, we have had no confirmation either way on this with a yes or no, so we simply don’t know at this stage if Live Your Legacy 2017 will be a worlds bid event. What we do know is that the current bid structure is modeled on USASF standards which means that there are a lot of bids going out of the UK at the moment, which takes a lot of resources, time, money, etc. to sustain for teams. In our perspective, it won’t make sense to just add more bids without restructuring the existing Worlds bid protocols, which are based on USASF guidelines and restrictions that were made for USA, not other countries. For example, there are requirements not just about how long an EP must be running an event, but also how far apart the bid venues are geographically, date restrictions, etc. That model may have worked well for the UK in the beginning when one or two EPs gave bids, but it no longer works well (again, this is our perspective) in the UK because of many factors including the number of EPs giving bids, the number of level 5 teams in existence, the size of the country (venues aren’t as far apart in the UK as they are in America, which impacts USASF requirements), the limited number of large enough venues (again, conflicts with USASF requirements), the date restrictions that happen due to school testing (again, conflicts with USASF requirements), and more. Ideally, we believe the UK industry leaders should come together and look at the number of worlds-ready level 5 teams (and the same for dance, as appropriate) in the previous season and work together to come up with the number of bids that should go out in total, then divide that between EPs who have proven to be serving the community in event size, integrity, production, venues, length of existence, etc. Speaking only for Legacy, we believe those bids should be full-paid bids and not partial or at-large bids. There’s reason behind that which is too much to explain here but can certainly be addressed another time. We also believe Legacy has certainly paid its dues in full as an EP and shown our commitment to the community and to Worlds, especially given our personal support over many years to USASF. We certainly should be included among the EPs who have a role in helping make next steps forward for our sport now that time happens and circumstances change, we all need to work together to get it right. That would include Legacy awarding Worlds bids. Obviously change is difficult and not everyone will agree on the perspective here, but we do think it is time to adjust for everyone’s best interest. In the meantime, we can’t say one way or the other what will happen as it relates to Worlds bids for this coming season at Legacy. We will hope for peaceful and productive discussions and wait for IASF to define with us what it looks like. Regardless of what the final outcome is, we wanted it clear that Legacy does support Worlds and would like to be a bid provider, but only if it is done in a way that will actually serve the UK market and not take away from it. We hope others involved in that decision process will agree that we need to re-visit bid protocols for the good of the community and will also be supportive of such a process. Meanwhile, we’ll just keep doing our work and focus on what we do in the moment to continue to improve ourselves and be a catalyst for positive change in the community. As always, we’ll keep you updated on our own website and social media channels.

We wish everyone at every level the very best for this season.”

— The A’s and Team Legacy

We believe what Legacy said is hundred percentage true and right now it’s not the time to give out more bids specially as CFHTT believes there are too many bids available already but that’s a another blog post.

love  CFHTT

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