CFHTT’s interview with Poppy Caller

Hi guys,

CFHTT will be doing feature articles on people that inspire the British Cheer community. CFHTT has chosen several athletes to feature as our  inspiration leaders; we admire their work ethic and achievements they have made in their career. CFHTT goals are to showcase the talent the UK cheer community has and motivate our community to always strive to achieve more .

Poppy Caller is athletes /assistant coach from  Intensity Cheer Extreme a successful competitive Cheerleading Academy based in Kent  who are now going into their 3rd season!


Hi Poppy


1. Why did you join cheerleading.

I joined cheerleading because it looked interesting, I was a gymnast for many years and when one of the coaches started up a cheerleading group and asked me to join I thought it would be good for me as I didn’t do gymnastics anymore.


2. What’s your favourite cheerleading uniform you have worn throughout the years?

My ICE5 uniform this season is definitely my favourite!

ice 5


3. What’s has been your biggest achievement in cheer to date 

My biggest achievement is coming 3rd at ICU with team England all girl this year, I would also say winning FC Nationals last year with Senior 4 and 2 also getting grand champions with Senior 2. 10906275_10204810485454887_5210385621926319875_n 

4. What’s your favourite part of a routine

I would say my favourite part is stunt section, I love working with my stunt group and hearing the crowd when you hit is an amazing feeling.13872580_10208701060356828_1409257594_n


5. You can stunt, tumble and your flexible, do you have a favourite

Stunting is my favourite, learning new skills is great especially perfecting them and getting them put in the routine. 



6. So many athletes have mental blocks do you and if so how did you get over it.

Yes I have had a mental block recently and I’m getting over it now, I am going back to working things from the beginning and pushing to get all my skills back.


7. What skill are you working on next?

I’m working on getting my double twist back and putting my full on floor.



8. Who has been your biggest influence in the Cheer community?

My biggest influence has been my team and my coaches they are always there when im having trouble and they support each other a lot.



9. What your favourite cheer memory and why 

My favourite cheer memory is FC nationals 2013, they whole weekend was just amazing and it was my first time winning at that competition, our whole programme became national champions that weekend and it brought us so much closer together.13872513_10208701060796839_347341235_n

 Photography by Starshot 

10. What made you try-out for Team England.

My coach asked us if we wanted to try and she helped us make a video to send off, it seemed like an amazing experience one that I might not get again.


11. What your favourite experience being part of Team England 

My favourite part was being on the mat with such great athletes from all around the country, we became so close by the end and just being able to perform at worlds with them was something I will never forget.13012661_1014312471991063_1552691260876482917_n


12. What  was it like  winning a bronze medal with Team Englnd

It was honestly amazing the feeling after performing how we did was insane, it didn’t matter where we placed to me because I will never forget how it felt to be on that floor, to then win a bronze was even better then I hoped! I never thought I would ever get this opportunity. 13055318_10208017901918294_7545264138199491893_n


13. This year you also attended Worlds with Intensity Cheer Extreme ICE 5. What was it like being on the world mat with them.

It was our first season at level 5 and to make it to worlds already was incredible, I’m so proud of them even if we didn’t hit I can honestly say I love my team and wouldn’t change them for anything and to be on the mat with them at world championships just proves how far we have come as a team.



14. Which team were you most excited to see at World

I loved watching Cheetahs, Orange, smoed and BSB i have loved all these teams for years

15. Which team did you see at worlds who inspire you

The same as above since I starred cheer I have watched these teams on YouTube after every competition and to see them actually perform was incredible.

16. Lastly who is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from the team you are on) and your favourite non UK cheer team and why?

My favourite UK cheer team is Ignite, their performance is just amazing to watch everytime. My favourite non UK cheer team is Orange for years I have watched them and when I first joined cheer they inspired me so much to be better.

If you guys want to follow Poppy on instagram please go to

 @poppycaller  9171_10207673574390321_4764820430983837818_n

Until next time guys


love  CFHTT

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