Bow Zone

Hi Guys,
Today we will be reviewing two bows from bow company, Bow Zone.

Bow Zone are a British company based in Manchester. We were sent two bows, the Birthday Bow and the Rhinestone Bow.
The company was started by Emily; she started the company because she was a cheerleader herself and gained a love for the art and design side of the sport. She loved all the uniforms, bows, poms and sparkle! She started cheer with a brand new team, who at first had a simple plain ribbon in their hair and from then she knew, she wanted to give a chance for all teams to wear beautiful bows! She loved to see everyone happy in sparkle , so she wanted to spread awareness to teams who don’t know about this side of cheerleading and show them what is available. she just love to watch a sport she passionate about grow!


The bows arrived in a big pink plastic bag and inside the bag the two bows were in two clear plastic bag with Bow Zone  stickers and instructions on how to care for the bows called their Care Tips. Another small but important thing we like was their contact details were included on the care tips card and said If you have any problem to contact them immediately which here at CFHTT we think is very important because you should receive great customer service always.
The only slight negative we have is the bow arrived in good condition but were a little mushed so it would have been better for them to arrive in a cardboard box for added protection.
Now to the juicy stuff, the bows!

14340071_10154733421813287_244375793_oThe first bow is their Rhinestone Bow which retails at £14.00. The bow is made of a glittery material and it has the colours red, black and silver running across it. There is also a large red star in the centre of the bow and the edges are covered in diamantes and the bow is also covered in large amount if diamantes adding that sparkle when it catches the light.


The next bow we received was the Birthday Bow which retails at £8.00 and this is our favourite bow out of the two. The bow has Birthday Gal written across it in various sparkly colours and in the centre there is a silver birthday crown. We love that the bow is made of sparkly glitter white material and also has glitter writing as well. The bow is just gorgeous and a perfect gift for a birthday for any cheer gal; they will not be upset when they receive this bow! We already have in mind who will be getting this bow for their birthday.
Another great thing about this company is they will make any bows for your hearts desire. They customise to suit your preference on colours and stone type all  available in one week.
They reply quickly to your email and are always eager to satisfy the customer.

They have a variety of bows on their website

like this beautiful bow below



If you would like CFHTT to review your brand please email: more information about Bow Zone please follow the

Twitter – @BowZoneUk
Email –
Instagram – bowzone_uk

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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