Birmingham Pussycats


Hi Birmingham Pussycats


  1. Tell us about Birmingham Pussycats cheer history.”

The Birmingham Pussycats pride themselves on being a totally student led club who achieve fantastic results through hard work and commitment! As a team we hold many national titles and are so very proud of all of our successes. We have been able to expand the team further and introduce new squads to showcase a vast array of talent.

  1. “How many teams do you have and what does each team do?”

hiphop2015This coming season we are introducing a brand new Jazz squad – which we are very excited about! We also have a comp squad (AG Level 3), hip hop, pom who compete at nationals each year. In addition to these competitive squads, we also have a performance squad who put together super sassy routines to entertain at events both on campus and across the country. Games squad meets every week to support our amazing American Football team – The Birmingham Lions.

  1. How many hour a week do you train

At the start of the season, before we split off into our smaller squads, all of our team get together to put on a big scale performance at the Lions first game of the season – XpLosION. For this, we train 3 times a week (6 hours) with an additional hour long session for girls to work on their tumbling skills. After XpLosION – the team splits off into their separate squads and begins competition preparations!

  1. What was your biggest achievement last season?

Our biggest achievement last season was getting results with integrity. Pussycats are an honest squad – we pride ourselves on great sportsmanship and are super supportive of our competition! Alongside receiving several 1st places at our competitions last season, it is our good attitude and spirit that we are most proud of.

  1. How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

pom2015We like to challenge ourselves each year – entering competitions going against not just university teams. We always love the atmosphere at busy and competitive competitions and feel that we can really shine with a big crowd watching!






  1. “What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season?”

Future Cheer – always a great atmosphere and so exciting to watch all the different squads. All of our girls also love the FC cheer gear + bows!


  1. Your known for your XpLosION event in the fall, how did this event start and how did it transform into the incredible event it is now .

XpLosION is the perfect way for all of our new pussycats to get integrated into the team and learn what we are all about. Girls have to learn how to PERFORM. With XpLosION, it isn’t just the dancing, stunting and tumbling which are essential, but the performance is so crucial – we love to put on a show! We all get so genuinely excited for XpLosION and we really believe that all the hard work and excitement is reflected through our performance each year.

here a video all about the experience of XpLosION


  1. Does your team do other things apart from compete?

527417_10151254576100979_1994356683_nWe also attend American Football games to cheer and support, do fundraising events to raise money for our club, and have fun themed socials every Wednesday!





  1. What are your goals for this season

This season we want to see our new Jazz squad own it! We want to maintain the high standard of all of our squads and put more sass than ever into our performances. We want to do ourselves proud!

  1. It’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from student?

13920898_10154355453440979_2113562534934765129_nYou don’t need to have experience to be a Pussycat. Yes, we do look for great dancers and tumblers – but we also look for team players with a great spirit and attitude!! We require commitment and hard work, but we do have so much fun together and are such good friends. We look for girls who would be proud to be a Pussycat and understand what we are all about.

  1. Why should people join Birmingham Pussycats ?”

12688266_10153911757665979_396586940448772826_nI think we can all honestly say that our University life would not be the same without Pussycats. You will meet your best friends, have so much fun and work super hard.


  1. “What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?”

You will learn what it means to be part of a team and how to support others. Commitment, dedication and how to have fun!

  1. “Are there any transferable skills that you have learnt from cheer that you can use later on in life?”                                                                                                      comp2014Being a team player is a skill that employers look for – here at the Pussycats you can learn what it really means to be part of a team. Being a student run team, there are also opportunities to become a committee member or even a coach, learning leadership skills and having serious responsibility!


  1. What would your lives be without cheer?

Dull dull dull!

  1. “Do you guys use social media platforms?”

We do  Please follow our new Instagram page: uobcheer. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

16. Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?

We love Lady Grenades! They always work so hard to bring the sass and put on a show, whilst being super clean!

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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