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Hi Nottingham Trent Tigers


Tell us about Nottingham Trent Tigers cheer history.

10543533_10205020337125843_5848514234223737131_oWe have been a team for over 10 years, collecting various trophies across nationwide competitions, including ICC Grand Champs for consecutive years in 2014 and 2015. Building each year in numbers. We gained an amazing new Head Coach in the last few years that has helped to transform the reputation of the club across the UK as ones to watch! Like many university teams that has really built itself from humble beginnings and reaches a new peak every single year.

How many teams do you have and what does each team do?

947375_588125311337562_4273261848933375280_nWe currently have 3 teams. performance team: Develop a series of skills including dance and stunting in order to produce a well-executed routine. They perform at various events throughout the year including our university’s charity run ‘RunNTU’

Varsity team: Develop skills in order to perform several routines throughout the year including the Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Championships and providing half time routines at Nottingham’s University Varsity Series.

Competition team: Train rigorously, further develop and perfect skills including dance, stunting and tumbling in order to compete at 3 competitions towards the end of the season.

What was your biggest achievement last season?

Our biggest achievement last season was winning National Champions at ICC for the third consecutive year, shortly followed by another National Championship win at BCA and with it being our first time competing there made the win even greater! To win at such amazing competitions in less than a week with new squad members and injuries was an amazing achievement for the whole club.

What was your favourite cheerleading competition of the past season

887583_10153182740451125_1407684378900381552_o“I would personally say that our favourite competition of the past season was ICC in Nottingham as a lot of our Tigers from our varsity and performance team were able to come to support us due to it being down the road from our main university campus. This created a fantastic atmosphere for us whilst we were performing and it really made us want to hit and to win even more, and we did! There is no feeling that can compare to everyone hitting their stunts and the almighty roar from the crowd that you could feel throughout your body.”  – Committee Member 16/17

Does your team do other things apart from compete?

11091357_456349941181767_4150695072011292744_nYes we do!  As well as compete our teams perform throughout the year at other events including Notts Varsity Series. We also spend a fair amount of time fundraising for charities and supporting local events including hosting a food bank, bag packing and in previous years we have volunteered at the children’s hospital. And of course we love to socialise! With socials every week and going on tour in April!


What are your goals for this season

We want to expand our team and get as many people at NTU interested in Tigers and what we do. Whether it be actually being a part of the team or just getting more support at our performances throughout the year, we really want to make our team as large and known throughout the university and the UK as possible.

10387071_10153226821636125_4021745002661577711_oIt’s that time of year where you guys will be recruiting what you are looking for from student?

We will be recruiting throughout welcome week and at our University Fresher’s fair. We are looking for commitment, passion and hard working individuals that show they want to be part of something special and want to work towards creating a routine that shows of their best ability whether that’s being part of performance squad, varsity or competition squad. Each squad brings something different and we allow peoples personalities to shine in their own way throughout our routines. That’s how our TIGERS work.

Why should people join Nottingham Trent Tigers?

We truly believe that if you are going to do anything outside of your course at university it should be joining a sports team, as it has made so many of our girls university experiences so much more credible. We form such a bond throughout the year with many girls moving in together the following year! We are all there to support each other, have a laugh and try something new. It’s a great form of exercise, building on strength and a reason to get to know people from across the university.

What useful skills has cheerleading taught you?

11206704_10153235289941125_6555949313271148919_o-1Cheerleading has taught us so much! It has taught us to be disciplined, a team player and to work well with others but it has also taught us that sometimes you just have to work hard on your own personal goals which will therefore benefit the team as a whole. It has taught us about balance and how to keep up with uni work, exams, manual work, training and still managing to find time to eat, sleep and shower! It has taught us that we can 100% achieve anything that we want if we put our minds to it and that hard work and perseverance are the best traits to becoming an all-rounder.



Are there any transferable skills that you have learnt from cheer that you can use later on in life?

Cheer has taught us all a lot of lessons about teamwork and sometimes conflicts when things get a bit too frustrating. It’s helped to give many of us the drive and motivation to do the best that we can and has really helped many come out of their shell and be a lot more confident in their selves, even if it’s just through cheer facials in everyday life!

What would your lives be without cheer?
Cheer is 100% who I am. It has made me the person I am today. I have met so many amazing people throughout my years of cheer and people who I will always be life-long friends with. It has shaped me into a character that knows how to work hard and knows that things don’t always go your way, but sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and tell yourself it will be okay. I am who I am today because of cheer and I genuinely would not want to be anyone or be anywhere else”. – Committee Member 16/17

‘Well, I’d have a lot less arms and legs to the face that’s for sure!! I feel like my University experience just wouldn’t be as fun as it has been so far. Cheer has often been a nice escape when work gets too stressful and I can really enjoy myself doing something I love and without that, I feel like I would have struggled a lot more at University. I’ve made a lot of close friendships through cheer and without it, I wouldn’t have met some of the nicest and funniest people in my life.’ – Committee Member 16/17

How many hour a week do you train

11164642_10153226821556125_7604050121680133373_oPerformance: 2 Hours

Varsity: 4 Hours

Competition: 6 Hours

(We have more training nearer Performances and Competitions)



How do you decide what competition you are going to attend?

The final decision of which competitions we enter is decided by our Head Coach, Stefan. But this is a decision discussed between the training team and the decision also heavily lies with the President of the club. However this year we have taken on a Secretary role within the committee who has a key role in finding out all relevant information for competitions.

 Do you guys use social media platforms?”

We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. You can find us on all of them @ ntucheerleading.








Here is their Promo video for this season!



  1. Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?COVENTRY DYNAMITE WOO WOO WOOOOOO (LOL)
    Our fave international team would have to be Gymtyme as they focus on building skills from the bottom and working on elements of their routine from the ground up. They are not afraid of hard work and they believe in their athletes 100% and will train them from cartwheels and gut libs right up to double fulls and kick doubles. They are supportive of other teams (which has been experienced first hand) and are fantastic sports men and women.

It’s a difficult one for me as I’m such a big fan of both University Cheerleading and All-Star Cheer, but in terms of UK teams I’d have to say my favourites were Genesis and Cardiff Snakecharmers. As a University Team, I feel that Cardiff have a very strong work ethic and it really shows when they get to competitions and perform at their varsity! They always have smiles on their faces and are so friendly and so I think they’re an amazing team. Genesis have always stood out for me for having THE best dance when it comes to routines and everyone seems to agree!! Yes, I might be slightly biased in the sense that our Head Coach is on Genesis too however we’ve seen them train and  know how hard they work  on improving year upon year and we think the Cheer community can really see that and want to steal their choreographer too! My favourite International Cheer team has to be Brandon Allstars Senior Black who come to Worlds every year with fight and hunger to hit and never get complacent and know that hard work gets results – a mentality we like to share over in the UK too! They have amazing skills and are always so clean and have an amazing bunch of talented athletes.” – Committee Member (Captain) 16/17



Until Next time guys

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