CFHTT’s interview with Chelsey Knight

Hi Chelsey


  1. We are sorry to hear that you unfortunately got hurt at worlds 2016. You will be dearly missed while you recover, when can we expect to see you back on the mat again.13124588_10154113383149250_950997014256014080_n

That’s okay –thank you. However much I didn’t want last season to end as I was so proud of the whole programme all season and especially Ignite but I was also in a way relieved. I have had my MRI results back and now have a 2 month period where I have to try and get my knee stronger and in September they will decide if I need an op. So, I am praying next season I will be back on the mat, I’m itching to be back!! 

On 21 of July Chelsey posted a picture of her back it the air so we hope to see her on the mat this season



  1. Why did you decide to become a cheerleader

I decided to become a cheerleader when Sarah my current coach now was coaching cheer at my dance school Gemini at the time. I went one Saturday and haven’t looked back since.

  1. What was the name of the first cheer team you joined


  1. Which is your favourite cheerleading uniform you have worn throughout the years?

Got to be the Ignite 2014 GK, it was our first ever crop as a programme and it was just a dream to wear. My all time favourite, ever!10264594_10152376987859250_7181632788316833042_n

  1. What’s your favourite part of a routine

Favourite part of a routine is elite 100% however scary it is – the feeling whilst it’s happening and after it is over is unexplainable. Love pyramid too as it’s the part of the routine where you really come together as a team.

  1. What was your favourite competition you have performed in and why

Favourite competition for me every year is FC Bournemouth. The atmosphere is something that cannot be compared to. FC Bournemouth 2014 in particular with Ignite when we had the cannons – amazing! (Sorry again FC). My first year at worlds in 2013 was also one I will never forget.


picture credit to stephan parmley

  1. You are known for being a fierce flyer, What make you so confident in the air12109121_1210066059010740_378277858204022414_n

A few people ask me this, I don’t really think there is something in particular. I just really love what I do and when I’m in the air I just let it come from the heart. Listen to the voiceovers and compare them to what I’m experiencing. 




  1. What tips would you give to other flyers who want to be as fierce as you are in the air

Just to be yourself. Listen to your music, be confident, own your skills and sass it out!


  1. You are also known for your flexibility, how long did it take you to get that flexible

11402351_10207214734590318_515827321927700382_oFrom being a dancer at such a young age I was always quite flexible from acro which helped when I started cheer. It was the strength in my legs and shoulders that took me a while.








  1. You have achieve a lot in your cheer career what motivates you to excel even further

I would love a USASF worlds medal and globe, that is the dream. Cheer holds a special place in my heart it doesn’t take much to motivate me in a sense, it’s always good to have a goal and never give up on your dreams.

  1. What has been your biggest achievement in cheer to date

Got to have been winning the first ever worlds bid for Coventry Dynamite and then going to worlds in 2013.Also FC Bournemouth 2013 when LG (level 4) at the time and Ignite (level 5) both won National Champions and then both teams LG & Ignite won Grand Champion titles and Ignite after their first year at worlds secured another worlds bid. That was such a great day, one that will probably always be my favourite!

  1. How many years have you been a coach and what enticed you into coaching

I have been coaching for around 4-5 I would say. I started off coaching a Youth 1 team on the programme after Sarah asked if I would like to take on the job. I went to my first session and absolutely loved it. I still coach the same kids now as what I did back then!  

  1. What do you love most about coaching

Thing I love the most about coaching is just watching your athletes achieve. Watching them compete and just be the best that they can be is incredible. Nothing comes close to watching the kids you spend hours and hours with on the floor having the time of their lives. It’s priceless.

  1. Who has been your biggest influence in the Cheer community?

My biggest influence in the Cheer Community is without a doubt the one and only Sarah Biggs. She has taught me everything I know in cheer and life for that matter, I wouldn’t be where I am without her. She really is one of a kind and I have a lot to thank her for.

  1. Lastly what is your favourite UK Cheer team (apart from your team) and your favourite International cheer team and why?

Can I have 2 favourites? AEC & Crimson Heat – Amazing programmes, I love watching all of their teams compete, so sassy and flawless. Always on fleeeeek!

Favourite International Cheer Team – will always be Senior Elite. I remember when I was about 12/13 watching a 2×2 video of Erica Englebert and I fell in love with her and Senior Elite. Their pyramids are just to die for and stunt like absolute beasts! Can’t forget about coed, would have to be IOC5 CA Wildcats. Just impeccable, I get lost for words when I watch them. Jaw droppingly amazing!


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