CFHTT’s interview with Charlie Bedford




Hi Charlie,


  1. When did you start dancing and why?

I started dancing in my early teens, I was always a huge fan of Michael Jackson and Usher so I would constantly watch their music videos on MTV and try and copy their choreography. I felt like what I was doing was great, but thinking back I’m pretty sure it looked terrible.

  1. What is your favourite competition you have entered and why?

Apart from the USASF Dance worlds! Obviously because this is where every All Star Dancer wants to perform, My favourite competition has to be Future cheer!! This is because of its amazing atmosphere and the way the competition is ran, its so smoothly year after year. I also think the feel of the competition is as close to worlds as your going to get. Also there is a more personal reason, This company gave us a bid ten years ago and if it wasn’t for them giving us that platform I honestly don’t think Dark would be the team they are today. They gave us a chance to perform in the world Dance Championships and we haven’t looked back since.


  1. How did you decide to become a choreographer? Was it something you always wanted to do or is it something that just happened?

I decided to become a choreographer because when I was younger and wanting to dance there wasn’t any classes for me to take in Bristol at the time,( in hip-hop that is ) therefore I just made stuff up, later I obviously studied the foundations of hip hop dance which has developed my creativity but I feel that because I am a self taught dancer it has made me think out of the box and be more creative when choreographing. It was something I always loved doing but I never imagined that I would have my own Dance Academy and be able to take a team to worlds and also make a living out of it.

  1. How did you become a coach at the Angels Dance Academy?

The Angels Dance Academy used to be my mums Tracy Bedford, although it didn’t  have any hip hop teams, just Pom and cheer.13015268_10153722040039195_5484197987091634401_n So my mum one day asked me if I would like to coach a team and I said how do you teach, at the time I only did freestyle, like popping, waving, gliding, at that point I had never choreographed an 8 count. I was 17 years old.







  1. How do you manage the responsibility of performing and choreographing each routine?

This is very challenging at times, but I love performing so much its hard just to coach. It has its challenges and I find myself creating visuals with me out of the routine and then when I think it looks good ill slot myself in, to be honest I’m used to it and that’s all I know.


  1. There are many different genres of dance; what is it about Hip Hop that you love?

When I was younger I watched a film called Breakdance! Which blew my mind, I couldn’t believe what these people were doing, It was the first time I ever saw popping, locking and breaking and I fell in love from then.


  1. Do you have any tips for people who want to be choreographer just like you?

Create don’t imitate. Be you and never change your style, to choreograph is to create something from nothing, its your thoughts and your interpretation. You can be inspired by other teams/choreographers but the best teams are themselves. Its about finding the right recipe, I feel as a choreographer I’m still searching for that, I always come back from worlds thinking of ways in which I want to improve. You are never the finished article, there is always something bigger and better you could do. Never rest.


Dark Angels have had so much success throughout the years. What does it feel like to have such a successful team?

Its crazy that it was our tenth year in worlds this year, It feels like such an amazing achievement, to be able to say that we have placed in the top 5 for ten years running is something I am really proud of.13077030_10153740686884195_8904718630539426309_n

  1. You have been competing at Worlds for years and recently won a bronze medal what does that feel like.

The Bronze medal this year felt truly amazing!! The international Open Coed Division is in my opinion the division of giants! So many world class all star dance teams in one division. It was the most satisfied I’ve been for a very long time. We have obviously come higher before but  we’ve been out of top 3 for 3 years and to be back was an amazing feeling, and hopefully we are there to stay.

 Here is video of their bronze medal video

  1. What is the next thing you want to accomplish with your team?

To win worlds for the 2nd time!!!

  1. Who has been your biggest influence in the dance community?

Tough question

  1. Lastly what is your favourite UK dance team (apart from the team you are on) and your favourite non UK dance team and why?

My favourite dance team has to be Sharon Anne jazz team, they have made huge leaps over the last few years and are developing every year. Love what they do, choreography awesome. Also very nice people. I think they could break into the top 5 next year in a very tough Jazz division. Also a huge shout out to JC Pom! And Goldstar!!! Two amazing programs who I respect massively and are also delivering year in and year out.


My favourite non UK team has to be Extreme All-stars open Co-Ed Hip Hop team from Florida.They are amazing, so visual and if you beat them at worlds it means you have most likely won worlds! Definitely the team to beat. Also very nice people, always support Dark at worlds.

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ADA Dark Angels – facebook

@charliebee6810- Twitter

@DarkAngelsUK- Twitter

@adadarkangels – Instagram

Here is Throw back video of this team  from 2007  ps there is quite a bit of scream lol

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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picture 3 and 4 credit to Dance worlds


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