CFHTT’s interview with Kirsty Small the face of Varsity UK


Hi guys,

As we all know Varsity are a massive brand and in the last few years they have moved across to the UK.

They are providing UK athletes with beautiful uniforms and have recently made a website for the UK community so athletes can purchase their apparel. The thing we love most about the Varsity UK website is that the face of the brand is a UK athlete Kirsty Small.

Kristy knows what it takes to cheer in the UK and we applaud Varsity UK for making their brand relatable to the UK cheer community. This is the first Major brand that has had a UK athlete as the face of it and it better not be the last. Next step is to get a UK athlete as a Varsity Allstar fashionista.

To celebrate this achievement we will be interviewing Kirsty to find out more about her and what it’s like to be the face of Varsity UK.

Hi Kirsty


Kirsty, please tell us a little about your self

picture-of-me-before-competing-at-icc-nationalsHeading into my 11th season as a cheerleader, I’m currently a flyer on Oblivion Allstars IOC5 worlds team. To be honest I can’t quite believe how long I have been doing this sport, it has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I have so many good memories, experiences and achievements during my cheer days.Throughout my cheer career I have had the opportunity to compete at The Cheerleading Worlds in both 2015 and 2016 as part of OA, and this season I will be heading there again for my 3rd year. Not only have I been able to compete in the IOC5 division of worlds, I have also competed at the ICU Championships as part of Team England in 2015. On top of this amazing opportunity in 2015, I have yet again been selected to represent with Team England in 2017. I am extremely excited for the season ahead and I feel its going to be a good year.

Congratulations on becoming the face of Varsity UK how did that come about?

favourtie-varsity-outfitWell first of all I would like too say thank you on your compliments and for giving me the opportunity too speak with you. As you know Varsity is a huge brand in the cheerleading world and when Rebecca Hollis (Varsity Spirit UK & Ireland Manager) contacted me about a collaboration I was very excited, so of course I said yes!

As I have been a cheerleader for nearly 11 years now (half of my life), its safe too say that the cheerleading community has played a major role in my upbringing – continuously inspiring me. So when the opportunity of Varsity UK came up, I was overwhelmed with excitement. For years I have looked up too so many inspirational athletes, thus to be given this sort of opportunity, it’s truly humbling.

Did you have to do anything to prepare for the shoot?

Well, I study fashion styling, so I’m usually the other side of the camera (not the one being captured), so for me a lot of mental preparation was needed. I know what its like to be behind the scenes of shoot – knowing your expectations and then feeling a sense of disappointment when it doesn’t live up to the potentials you had in mind. But I guess that’s like anything in life, nothing turns out perfect. Yet, I was extremely nervous that this was going too happen on this shoot, and I defiantly did not want too mess this up. So my mental preparation was the major factor that I had too deal with within this whole process.

Please take us through the process of the day and what was your favourite part of it?

14964192_10154896421458287_1464167752_oWe had an amazing photographer that flew in from Berlin, Emanuel Berthé, who was able to capture the Varsity sprit amazingly. The day began at Talent Central, home too the legendary Ascension Eagles, where the atheistic of the gym worked perfectly for the shoot. It was a fast passed morning and I had a million, desirable outfit changes – of course, this was a lot of fun. After a few hours at the gym we headed over too Stratford, where we came across a road called “Cheering Lane”, which for obvious reasons was as perfect spot too snap a few pictures. However, the sun was so bright it was making my eyes water, and for anyone that knows me, they appreciate I can be a little dramatic … so it was hard too pose, smile and act like my eyes aren’t about explode all at the same time. But apart from me being a tad melodramatic the location completed the shoots overall effect. We then headed too our last location, the Olympic Park Stadium – a place where we want to see cheer in the future and in the hopes it will be classified as an Olympic sport someday.

14964100_10154896419858287_217690476_oAfter the busy day we had it felt so good to go home and tucked up in bed. It safe to say it was a well deserved rest. But now that I reflect back on the day’s shoot, its hard to pin point one specific element that was my favorite, as the whole day was exciting and full of fun. Yet, if I had too pick one thing, it would probably be wearing all the different outfit choices and seeing some of the beautiful merchandise.

What was your favourite item of clothing you wore from the collection?

Due to the fact I had numerous outfit changes throughout the day, its hard too name a specific item of clothing that’s my favorite. However, I loved the matching Vlogo Sports Bra and the Vlogo leggings – Splashing, not only are they extremely comfy, they also look super cute. Yet, as I am a flyer shoes are a big issue for me, I have to have the perfect pair. A shoe that’s comfy, firm and can do its job well – the Varsity VForce does just that. The first time I competed in these shoes was at #fcbythebeach 2016, and I can assure you they felt great. I’m known for tying my shoes so tight that I can barely feel my feet, but these shoes are still so comfy regardless.

How would you describe the style of a Varsity UK girl?

14958945_10154896420288287_1278679100_oWell when Rebecca Hollis first asked me too do this, she said that she defiantly wanted it too be UK cheerleader, to give it the sense of authenticity. Someone who can relate too the UK market and cheerleaders of which the website would be appealing too. So I think the main style of the Varsity girl is to give the relatable feel too the viewers.

What are five cheer items you can’t live without?

  1. Of course my cheer shoes, 100%
  2. A fabulous sports bra
  3. Matching shorts
  4. A cheer hoodie, because everyone loves a big hoodie to keep warm in the winter months
  5. And lastly a fab bag that sparkles, because if you don’t love sparkle are you really a cheerleader?


What was it like when you saw yourself on the website?

Well  I’ve known it was coming for months as we done the shoot in the summer, but the anticipation of what the photos turned out like, and what the website was going too look like was intense. Then when I saw my face on the homepage of the website, I felt relieved and I didn’t have to stress anymore. The dramatic moment of the burning eyeballs didn’t seem so bad when I saw the final result. However, I’m still looking forward too seeing the rest of the pictures, because special web shop offers will be released every Monday, so make sure too keep your eyes peeled and snap up the deal of the week.

Thank you Kirsty for talking to us and we can’t wait to see your journey  this season.If you have enjoyed this interview please subscribe to the blog so you can keep up to date on all the UK cheer news

If you want to follow Kirsty on social media here are her links

Twitter: kirstyysmall

Instagram: kirstyysmall

If you would like to check out the apparell go to

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