Hi guys,

It’s that time of year where we are starting to think about Christmas presents. We want to get the perfect gift and see our family faces light up. It is such a joy to give a present and share the love, especially at this time of year.

Cheer Box is a monthly box filled with Cheerleading products that can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. Each box contains 5 Cheerleading products including a full size bow.

We are giving away the Cheer Box we reviewed to one lucky follower! The competition will be running for one weeks. All you have to do is like My Cheer Box on Facebook and comment on our page so we know you have enter saying “Enter”. Cheer box have also been so kind as to give a discount code of 10% to all our follower just enter the code CFHTT10 and hurry because it run out on 1st of decemeber.


Each month you get a full size bow and 4 other products ranging from hair accessories, makeup, badges to apparel. The experts at Cheer Box investigate the latest cheer trends and products to make sure you get the perfect Cheer Box experience again and again.

The box retails at £20.00  and must be ordered by the 1st of each month and will arrive between the 15th and the 20th of each month so it can be a great gift for Christmas.


The first item we received are a full size bow that is white with black glittery strips on. It is perfect to wear to add that bit of sparkle to your training sessions. The second item was a back combing brush which is essential for any cheerleaders who want to have the big cheer hair. Having a good backcomb brush allows you to get that extra volume without damaging your hair. The next item was cheer badge which is a great item to stick on your cheer bag.

Our favorite item from the whole box was the I Love Cheer choker which is so on trend right now. CFHTT has never seen a customised Cheer choker before and we think that brings uniqueness to the box.



20161117_105221Lastly we received this emerald green glittery nail pot. All you have to do is get a blob of clear nail varnish and mix it in with the glitter and apply this to your nail. This can also be used as eye shadow with the appropriate makeup glue.

CFHTT love the idea of a monthly box full of goodies especially as you’re not tide into a contract so you can pick and choose each month when your would like a box.

We also like that each box is a surprise to open, you never know what is in the box until you have received it.

It is also something to look forward to and is great as a birthday present or for Christmas. They provide easy to use subscription plan and great customer service.

To order you Cheer Box please click the link below


If you would like CFHTT to review your brand please email cheerfromheadtotoe@yahoo.co.uk

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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