The Perfect Gifts for a Cheerleader!



Here is Cheer From Head To Toe guide for the perfect gifts to get a cheerleader 2016!


Cheer Bows


No matter how many bows you have it will never be enough. Every cheerleader loves a good bow especially the ones that sparkle! The bigger the bow the closer you are to the Cheer Gods. Many companies also allow you to print lyrics, quotes or a message of their bows so they are perfect for Christmas.

Few brands we love

Holly Bows

Belle of the Bows

KL Bows

Bows of London

Primacy Cheer

Cheer Bags


Every Cheerleader needs a cheer bag to help them transport all there cheer gear around. The big trends are bag packs and they come in a variety of colours and designs.

There are so many brands that make cheer bags you have your pick

Toe Touch, Varsity UK, Nfinity, Rebel Athletic

All these bags are very spacious.

Here are the links to all these bags

Varsity Uk


Toe Touch

Rebel Athletic

Cheer Shorts

Cheer Shorts are a great gift for a cheerleader because Cheerleaders like to train hard and look good doing it. Cheer shorts are a must for any cheerleader because cheerleaders need clothing that allows them to move effectively and doesn’t restrict their movement. There are many different companies that provide sports clothing that are perfect for cheerleading.  Nike Pros are generally a favourite of the cheer community, they come in a variety of colours there is even a saying; “It’s all about Cheer bows and Nike pro’s”.

There are also Soffe Shorts , Nfinity Cheer and now you can also purchase Cheer shorts from Varsity UK

Here are some of our favourite


and if you’re on a budget Primark also provide an array of fashionable shorts that are cheer suitable. Here and Cheer From Head To Toe we are all about saving those pounds so Sport Direct is the perfect place to get Nike Pros for less.

Sport Direct


Cheer Apparel

Cheerleading is all about being a part of a team and represent it. A perfect gift for Christmas would be cheer apparel.

Unity, Coventry Dynamite and Zodiacs Allstars and many more team have their own pro shops where you can purchase your team apparel but if not. They are also many cheer companies that can make personalise cheer gear such as

Power nation Cheer   and HeartIsticuk to name a few

We hope you guys have enjoy and of you have any ideas please comment below.

Cheer Shoes

The holy grail of gifts is cheer shoes. To perform well you need the right equipment and this is true for any sport but especially cheer. Wearing the right cheer shoes can transform your performance. There are many brands that produce cheer shoes such as Nfinity, Varsity and Living Cheer.


Excel Cheer = Nfinity Cheer shoes


Varsity =Varsity Cheer shoes


Living Cheer = Kaepa cheer shoes


What would be your perfect gift for Christmas? Comment below and let us know! Share this with your friends if they are picking cheer Christmas gifts!


Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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