Cheerleading granted provisional Olympic status

Hey guys

Something great happen last night

Cheerleading and the martial art of Muay Thai have received provisional recognition as Olympic sports.

Cheerleading will receive £19,700 in annual funding from the International Olympic Committee.

They can apply to become part of the Olympic Games sports programme after three years. Yes

The international cheer union (ICU) has more than 100 national federations and nearly 4.5 million registered athletes.

It is great to see that Cheerleading is finally get the recognition it deserve .

Allstar Cheerleading is and will always be a sport and we do not need Olympic or general public to tell us that. Even if this all fall throught cheerleading is still a sport no matter what anyone else say.

Here is the defintion BBC has for cheerleading

“What is competitive cheerleading?

Competitive or “All-Star” cheerleading is very different to what you see at American football or basketball.

Teams are judged on gymnastic tumbles, dance, stunts, pyramids and overall impression and compete against other squads of similar ability.

It is daring, exhilarating, physically demanding and at times, the most dangerous sporting discipline for young women.” BBC sport 2016

It is ashame that the BBC put a picture of a drill team but we are making progress none the less


picture copyrighted to BBC Sport

Until next time guys

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