Welsh ParaCheer Athletes Needed!


Hi Guys, 

We have some breaking news that is very exciting also

Team Wales Cheer are looking for ParaCheer and ParaCheer Freestyle Pom athletes in order to build competitive teams for the 2017 International Cheer Union World Championships!

Teams will be a combination of disabled and non-disabled athletes. You can find out more about what ParaCheer is at here ParaCheer       

If you are aged 14+, live in Wales, and you are a cheer athlete or a disabled person with some sports/physical activity experience and you are interested in being part of these new teams, please get in touch with Sabrina on 07815971282 or scwales@scgb.org.uk.


They will be supporting Sport Cheer Wales with the creation of their ParaCheer programme for this season. 

Isn’t this so exciting and such a great development. Cheer is becoming a Olympic sport and now there are two Para Cheer team

we have the biggest smiles on our faces

Until next time guys

love  CFHTT

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